The Echo Within

An echo within,
An image unseen,
A whispered secret,
Perchance I met,
Great joy swept through the heart,
A feeling of closeness,
Of being a part,
And never apart,
From that One Supreme,
A shimmering light, a dazzling beam,
Where am I?
Who are You?
And pray who am I?
Each atom bowed in reverential delight,
Each cell proclaimed bliss at this sight,
I am home, I am home,
This is where I have always been,
Foolishly misled by the senses five,
To a mundane tune doing the jig and jive,
At last I am alive and awake,
Never this moment to forsake,
Oh! Lord say something,
I pray Thee,
Everything pales away its only You for me,
What took You so long?
What took me so far?
Why the light was lost by a dazzling star?
Why its fragrance was far removed from the flower?
Why were the raindrops missing from a thundershower?
Why was the driver ignored,
And importance given only to the car?
Hush, my child, listen to Me do,
My arms have always been around you,
I watched with a smile,
As you waded the river of life,
I uplifted you through the struggle and strife,
Not for a moment were you out of sight,
I enveloped You with My golden light,
I embraced you too,
In a loving pink hue,
Shielding, protecting, guiding you,
Due to the rust gathered,
From material desires,
You were not attracted,
By this Divine Magnet,
So I waited patiently,
As only a Mother can do,
For that moment of awakening,
To dawn upon you,
I have been your Mother,
Through lifetimes gone by,
But in this life You know Me,
As Beloved Mother Sai…
For everything there is a time and a place,
But there is no stopping the flow of My grace,
All that you need has been placed,
Right within your soul,
Release the material,
And its karmic toll,
Be aware, do your share,
Care, care, care,
For all that’s around you, the Universe through,
Embrace the cosmos,
Let go of the gross,
Love Me in all that’s around you,
Each speck will come alive,
And dance for you,
A cosmic dance, a Oneness true,
Unfetter the love I bestowed upon you,
The most precious treasure right within you,
Let all benefit the universe through,
Take one step,
And I will guide you,
All a part of this cosmic family,
Live in love,
Live in peace and harmony…
Oh! Mother Sai, all that I am, I owe to You,
My intention will now through the cosmos, ring clear and true,
For my brothers and sisters the universe through,
An echo within released anew,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…
My way of earnestly saying to You,
And showing You,
Beloved Mother Sai – I Love You…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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