Heaven In A Garbage Pile

“Jag hai mithya,
Sai ney sachchi raah dikhai,
Sabse karey pyar,
Ye jeevan,
Tera baney sukhdayi,
Aisa dey updesh Prabhu ney,
Hum pey kiya upkaar,
Eashwaramma tera Sai,
Yug yug ka Avtaar…”
The Lord showed the right path,
Out of the illusory world,
The only way to a life of bliss,
His life unfurled…
With these words He did us bless,
“Shower love around”,

And ultimate grace did ceaselessly abound…

To each his own way,
All an intrinsic part,
Of the divine play,
What appears as a garbage pile to most,
Some, a party do there host,
They know no better than,
What they get at this ‘unwanted’ mound,
Grabbing and relishing,
Whatever is found,
What is regarded as filth by many,
Is food for another,
Ravenously hungry,
Cows sit on this spread of rubbish,
Looking regal,
Even as their tails they do elegantly swish,
Cats, dogs, birds and humans too,
For breakfast, lunch and dinner,
They do here queue,
Different strokes for different folks,
Fulfilling a basic need,
Beyond fanfare and style,
Beyond grabbing and greed,
Heaven for some,
Is to be found in a garbage pile…

When Swami Karunyananda’s gaze,
On such melee did fall,
Beloved Bhagawan was at once,
By his side,
Answering his call –
“They are eating now,
Which they,
With great disdain,
In previous lifetimes threw away…”

Ah! That karmic due,
What a profound lesson for me and you,
Let us have respect,
For all that destiny does send our way,
Gratitude must its role play,
With vanity and scorn do away,
Sometimes the real garbage pile,
The mind does compile,
Accumulated through lifetimes gone by,
Squeezing the soul dry,
At times there is no stopping the inner heap,
The price to be paid,
Ever so steep,
A cleansing and cleaning to be done,
All the while,
Of this age old compile,
At least the outer heap is of use –
For so many,
A good news,
No fanfare, no frills,
And certainly no style,
But those found here,
Have no guile,
Or that inner heap,
Ever so vile,
Yet for them,
All the while,
Heaven lies in a garbage pile…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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