Something That You Own…Something Your Very Own

Woke up early morn,
For a temple visit at dawn,
A huge queue,
A serpentine line,
Devotees, devotion,
Worship and prayer,
Faith and belief,
A positive layer,
Worship articles of a myriad kind,
Adoration of the Lord, uppermost in their mind…
What should I take in,
What should I offer?
What was worthy and genuine in my coffer?
I wanted something different,
Unique and new,
Something that wouldn’t perish,
And ageless too…

So why don’t you give Me,
Something that really belongs,
To you…?

Good Lord ! Now I am hearing things too,
Must be lack of sleep,
Or that early morning dew,
Or all that chanting,
Coming from that enormous queue…
You are not hearing things,
I am speaking to You,
You wanted to offer Me,
A thing of genuine value,
But isn’t this known to you –
That you will never find that special something,
Even if you searched any market place through?
Give Me that which can’t be bought,
Nor that which can be sold,
That which for Me, has a value,
Far above gold,
Give Me that, my sweet child,
Which is right within you…
Your love and Your longing for Me,
Your faith and belief in Me,
Your tolerance and your humility,
Your joy in My presence, in all that you see,
Your understanding in My vastness,
Your compassion and unity,
Something that you own…
Something your very own…
Something that you will never find in any market place,
The origin for which, unto Me you can trace,
That which never does perish,
Yet glows bright and true,
Offer that to Me,
Right here as I stand before you,
Never a line nor a queue,
Through the rust of your accumulated desires,
I can see it glimmer,
So can you,
That something that you own,
Something your very own,
My dear one,
Is your love for me,
The only thing I don’t have access to,
Offer that to Me,
For I long for your love,
I do,
Relax then, sweet child, even as My love,
Does envelope You…

Oh, how simple You make it sound,
Beloved Lord,
Just by being where I am, I can reach You?
That is exactly what I longed to do,
Right here and now I Offer You,
All the love that I feel,
Only due,
To Your presence,
In every cell of my being through,
My heart, my essence, my core is,
Something that’s Your very own,
Something that You own,
This truth my soul has always known,
For blossomed have I from the seed that You have sown…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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