Have The Master’s Words Reached Your Heart…?

Akhand Jyoti Jalao,
Sai Mana Mandir Mey…
A bright wondrous ray,
May this light open us up to an enlightened view,
Reverence for all life forms, compassion, tolerance, patience and love true,
For that Beloved Bhagawan is the message from You…

A grandmother came on a visit to Puttaparthi,
With some members of her family,
Never once did she get to sit,
In a front row,
Yet after each darshan,
Her face was always aglow,
Her lips chanting His glory,
Regaling one and all,
With His story…

So, the grandson,
Questioned his grandmom,
‘You sit at the back,
Adjusting your glasses,
To squint and see,
Yet you appear out of all,
The happiest to me,
Grandma my dear, how can this be…?’

‘Its not where you sit,
And who you are,
It’s what have you gained,
Each moment, each hour?
His grace and mercy,
Making you what you are,
Where did it all begin?
Where did it all start?
Have the Master’s words,
Reached your heart…?
The Master’s life,
To you, what did it impart…?
Did the Master’s touch,
Help keep mundane distractions,
Far apart…?
Did it assist material desires,
To eventually depart,
Could you know yourself,
Along with all else,
To be,
Of Him an intrinsic part…?

Let His words touch your heart,
His truth to all,
Do your best to impart,
Keep anger and ego apart,
Know yourself to be,
Of Him always a part,
Then you too will know what I know,
Knowing thus, sweet child,
You will question me no more…

…so where I sit,
matters not to me,
Only a constant awareness,
About a blessed destiny,
The truth,
That fortune smiled upon me,
To be in the presence of the Highest Divinity…
Fulfilling a longing of lifetimes gone by,
Know all that I ever wanted I found,
In Beloved Mother Sai…’


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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