For A Few Pieces Of Copper

A Saint for some,
A Mahapurush to others,
Revered by innumerable as a Guru,
A Friend to so many,
Mother and Father to millions,
God – to beings the Cosmos through,
Acknowledged so by sacred texts,
Rishis and other living Masters too,
Those psychically connected,
As well as those that though,
Living a simple life,
Rustic or otherwise,
Just know,
As their inner instinct tells them so…

Though even animals know,
Whom to snarl and growl at,
Some human tongues,
Tattered owing to spiteful overuse,
Seem to have lost all track and tact…

Due to deformed minds,
And pitiable ignorance,
They know naught else,
But to attract attention and sensationalize,
And so for the ones with limited intellect,
The infinite will always remain out of reach,
Unsullied, camouflaged and in disguise…

Their pens they do fill,
With malicious and vicious ink,
Giving birth to vile words,
Polluting the environment with a stench and a stink…
Reprehensible behaviour and irresponsible reporting,
At any rate,
Attracts contempt from the Universe,
And thus what they are doing,
Is sealing their own fate…

The Beloved One has this to say,
Way back on 23 October 1966,
It being Dussehra day,
“When the winnowing is done,
The husk falls far,
The heavy grain heaps near,
The mean tactics of vicious pens,
That appear,
In the gutter papers,
Serve to separate the husk from the grain,
No one can shake the truth,
No one can install untruth,
I am established in truth,
I have come to secure for truth its rightful place,
Envy and greed make man resort to tricks,
And barter one’s honour and character,
For a few pieces of copper…
Of course there have been such traducers,
In all ages,
For all who came down to help mankind –
Rama, Krishna, Shankara,
Do not develop hatred towards them,
For sooner or later,
They are bound to repent and make good…

Lies about Me also sell and earn for them some cash,
Leeches fall off when,
They have sucked full to the bursting point,
Pray for their transformation into sathvic souls,
For their blindness to be cured,
And for them to be attached to truth,
Rather than sheer untruth,
Have love even for these misguided people,
They will join the pilgrim’s path soon…

Time smirks, smiles and swiftly moves on,
Our thoughts, words and deeds,
Decide our dawn,
The proof of the pudding is in the eating,
Whatever anyone might say,
Isn’t it foolish to negate the presence of stars,
By looking at the sky during the day?
Without having experienced Sathya Sai,
His glory, His unconditional love,
His gentleness,
His ceaseless compassionate acts,
That show a selfless way,
Why foolishly brush a brilliant destiny away…?
Name, fame,
A few pieces of copper,
Will not be of any use come Judgement Day…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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