In The Garden Of The Universe

Loving salutations to Thee, Beloved Bhagawan, the Creator of the Cosmos and all that does dwell in it. A part of You has become the Universe and we are all a part of the Universe and so, we are all a part of You… and thus never apart…

What can i write, that is not known to You?
What can i feel that is unknown to You?
What can i go through that is not felt by You?
What secrets can i have from You?
Oh, Hrudayavasa, let the fragrance of Thy presence,
Permeate my very essence,
And all around,
Let me be free from thoughts that bound,
Help me to fly free,
Together always one with Thee…

In everyone’s hrudaya, in every cell resides Sai, playing the flute, singing the song Divine.
My Guru is Love, my Guru is Joy, my Guru is Peace. Residing in my heart, radiating all this is my Guru. Lines from Him ring clear and true…

“I live through you, I breathe through you,
I see through you, I hear through you,
I work through you,
I set right all wrong,
All that you do is known to Me, you all are the lyrics of My Divine song,
For Me there is nothing unknown,
In the garden of the Universe, you all are the seeds I have sown,
Together all beings form the lyrics of My song,
It is through you that I sing My Divine song…”

“Much of what we find depends on what we are looking for,”  so said Mother Mirra, Pondicherry.
So then we arrive at a question – what are we looking for in life? And that depends to a large extent on the lenses we are wearing. Not in our eyes but in our heart. Are the lenses foggy or clear; dusty or clean; powered with love or numbered with hate? For if we want harmony, we need to keep our life simple and learn to broaden our thoughts, our vision, our perceptions.

There are many sides to a story and various ways of looking at situations or circumstances that people are placed in. Sometimes black is not black and white is not white. Patience and tolerance is as much required as a daily dose of vitamin.
And forgiveness too…

We need to stop blaming and checking another’s behaviour and start correcting our own.
If we want to be loved, we need to give love. If we want joy, we need to be a source of joy. If we want peace, we need to radiate peace.

And the perennial spring of love, joy and peace is right within us. It flows through each and every being connecting us all.

Are we to believe that being related to another being only means the sharing of flesh, blood and genes?

What about the pure essence that vibrates, albeit at different frequencies through everyone and everything that exists – our Atmic source that forms our very basis, that pervades every atom in the Universe…?

The Sai that silently resides within, can be clearly heard if the cacophony created by wants and desires is subdued. This noise pollution within is not only self-destructive, but leads to disharmony for those around us. When we begin to accept all as our very own, developing a kindred spirit, we open the door to a harmonious way of living and we close the door on kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya, bidding them good-bye and good riddance.
In the ocean of life, wants and desires are the under currents that drown you, but contentment makes you stay afloat and rescue others.
You can either be a source of light and delight or a quagmire self engulfing darkness.

In the profound words of Paramahamsa Yogananda – A true devotee sees Him in all persons, all creatures, in all things; each rock becomes an altar. Viewing a beautiful tree, my heart is moved and whispers: ‘He is there!’ I bow to adore Him.

It is nothing great in helping a person as a reciprocating gesture; help even those that harm you – Baba

So, let us pray to our Beloved Master, to fill our heart, mind and soul with His ever expansive love that we may become His instruments and thus follow His dictum, “Love all, Serve all; Help ever, Hurt never…” in our lives.


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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