My Ocean…My Shore…

She sat at the crossroads of life,
Overcome with all the struggle and strife,
Loneliness cut into her like a knife,
She wondered just where to go,
Her ocean of troubles had no shore…

Into a gloomy void she did stare,
Her heart writhed in total despair,
‘Where are You, sweet Lord, don’t You care?
Can’t You see my state,
Worn out and threadbare…?
Don’t You know I need You so?
How much more, my Lord,
How much more…?
You are all I have and I need You,
I have nothing left, my Lord,
Except You,
Just where are You, precious Lord?
Where are You…?

“I am where I have always been,
Surely My child this is known to you,
Right here am I, My child,
Looking at you,
Even as you call out to Me,
My arms are holding you,
Your mind was attached to the world you once knew,
You wanted those that spurned you,
To reach out to you,
I was waiting for you to call out to Me,
The time and place had to be right, you see,
When the time is right,
Everything falls in to its place,
There is nothing ever that can stop My grace,
My delays are not My denials,
I help you face all your karmic trials,
It all depends, sweet child, upon your intensity,
Speed post, a telegram or ordinary,
So do I respond similarly,
When your yearning meets My grace,
I reveal Myself to you instantly,
Though I am by your side constantly…”

Oh Lord, I gave life everything that I had,
Why then am I so sad?
Why does it hurt so much,
When all things with love I did touch…?
Why does my ocean have no shore?
Why am I wounded right to my core?

“Come, little one, rest a bit,
In My loving arms,
Snugly sit,
Listen and learn,
Gently discern,
I am your ocean, I am your shore,
All things right for you I will restore,
You can change your destiny,
Shape your fate,
Just be firm and learn to discriminate,
The world and all in it is ephemeral,
Evanescent and temporal,
Maya at play,
Knowing thus keep desires at bay,
And expectations away,
For when you don’t expect,
You don’t feel a reject,
So do your good turn,
But don’t anticipate any return,
Live as does the Sun,
It comes out each morn, it shines on all,
It does not expect any reciprocation,
And never will you hear it say –
Look how much for you have I done…
All that you face is for you to learn, to know,
For your awareness to grow,
And when you think no one does care,
Know for sure,
By your side, you will always find Me there…”

…Oh Lord, You always come to my rescue,
How could have I strayed so far away from You?
I know now there is more to life than meets the eye,
My soul wears a smile,
The vagaries of the mind, the heart does belie,
Joy has wiped gloomy tears dry,
For I now live in the presence of Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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