Live For Him…Work For Him…Commit To Him…

…And so a new day does dawn,
You get out of bed stifling a yawn,
Chasing away the ‘Monday morning blues’,
To stay at home trying to cook up a ruse,
Alas, it’s of no use,
Halt the thoughts, make truce,
Let the Beloved One fill your mind,
Suddenly you find,
All the inspiration you need to,
To do all that you have to,
For a commitment has been made,
Life now faces an upgrade,
You now have a new Boss,
Who permeates with His splendour all that is gross,
When you are aware that you now live for Him,
And that you work for Him,
Old thought processes face a trim,
You want to give your best,
You want to reach out,
About the Person at the helm, you have no doubt,
When you live for such a Master,
With His compassion and love your heart does stir,
In little tiny acts and big ones too,
If you want to,
You can excel in all that you do,
It could be stopping to help someone cross the road,
Or buying a student books, he simply couldn’t afford,
It could be wiping a tear,
Or sharing a smile,
With someone lonely,
Or just being gentle with a fellow employee,
Or running errands for neighbours who are old,
When you decide to reach out,
Opportunities are untold,
It could be helping a wounded animal,
Or feeding a hungry stray,
Or perhaps holding your tongue,
Keeping anger at bay,
Every day, every moment you can do so much,
The Master’s heart you can surely touch,
Through every thought word and deed,
Pull out the weeds and sow the right seed,
Excel in all that you do,

For then,
When you do Him meet,
Guilt will retreat,
Only love will resound in each heartbeat,
You wouldn’t fidget around, looking at the ground,
Knowing you have given each day its due,
When He looks into your eyes, you can look back too,
His enchanting smile setting you aglow,

And you know, that He too does know,
That even as He did you test,

You gave life all you have,
You gave and continue to give,
Your very best…

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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1 Response to Live For Him…Work For Him…Commit To Him…

  1. Aloka says:

    Love this one… Almost like you penned down what was in my heart…thank you.. 🙂

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