…as you peruse through the lines below,
You must know,
They were written in years gone by,
Inspired by the presence of Mother Sai…
Words that did unfurl,
In the pages of an old journal,
Even as the Beloved One’s grace,
Around me,
Did swirl…
Life began,
Only when I looked into those Lotus Eyes,
Then commenced all the questions,
The whats, the whens and the whys,
Of what did my life comprise?
The impact of Mother Sai’s message,
I could no longer disguise,
Nothing else mattered I did realize,
Conditioned notions were cut down to size…
I had to overcome and become,
Increase my pace to welcome my fate…
This is what,
These past reflections do state…

…in order to rebuild,
One has to break the old building,
…the time had come to do just that…
I had to break this old building,
…I had to break the old me…
Time it would take –
After all,
It’s the foundations,
That I had to shake…
Some ideas maybe,
I was born with,
So many inherited thought processes,
That didn’t seem to fit,
I’d rather they merged,
Into myth,
…ego and arrogance only made one stumble,
With steadfast effort,
It would soon crumble,
Each moment then used to become more humble…
…anger stops progress,
And selfishness promotes regress,
…desires, prejudices leads to slippery floors,
And pride – blocks all windows and doors…
A building such as this,
Is anyway ready to fall,
It has no ‘room’,
Only a wall…
There are many such buildings in this town,
I want so much to break,
This one down…
…to let it exist,
Towards myself I’m committing a crime,
To pull it down,
It may take a little time,
Perhaps I was born,
With some of these blocks,
Now they take time to budge,
Solid as a rock,
Did I inherit some of these bricks,
As I passed from the old body,
In to the new…?
Did I gather some more dusty ones,
From the surroundings,
In which I physically grew?
From lifetimes gone by…ever since…
…but now enough of the old me,
Now it’s time to break free,
Now it’s time to rebuild,
Renovate and recreate,
It’s never too late,
To intensify efforts to transform fate,
With the Beloved One’s grace,
Now I want to rebuild,
And yet leave room to grow,
I’d like to leave open,
Each and every window,
Even the door,
Ceaseless were the fragrant possibilities,
Life had in store…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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