That String Of Unconditional Love

Oh, that much awaited day for all brothers and sisters…time to celebrate a bond that strengthens as time goes by…a link that brings camaraderie, mutual respect, friendship, peace and harmony. The tying of a ‘Rakhi’…or a cord, becomes a harbinger of unconditional love beyond space and time.
This string is held with great love…and is empowered with prayers that infuse strength and noble wishes for the well being of the person about to receive it. This is how Lord Indra’s wife, Sachi…also known as Indrani, willed power in to the string she tied on the wrist of her husband…to protect him…invoking an intense prayer for his raksha against the onslaught by one of the demon kings. This happened on the auspicious day of Purnima, a day to celebrate the favourable silver rays of a luminescent full Moon, in the month of Shravan – said to be the holiest month in the Hindu calendar.
Needless to say Indra was victorious.
History stores many such joyful legends in its heart. Rani Karnavati of Chittor, had sent this sacred thread to Emperor Humayun, seeking his protection from the invading army of Bahadur Shah Zafar; Roxanne, the wife of Alexander the Great, had similarly tied a Rakhi to King Porus. And Draupadi had lovingly fastened a strip from her sari on the bleeding wrist of Sri Krishna, thus establishing a sacred and pure bond that ensured for her, the presence of Krishna eternally.

And so, how can we look at this day in an extra special way, giving it an infinite depth?
Well, as human beings we are placed on the top rung of the ‘ladder of Creation’, or rather, human beings are considered as the vital link in the ‘great chain of Being’.
What an exalted position this is! 

Yet, what does this signify?

That, the responsibility for the rest of Creation, for the various species and forms of life, lies with us and within us.  The onus is on ‘human beings’ to defend, safeguard, protect, shield and shelter all other ‘links’ in this vast ‘chain of Being’, which include all creatures and species living out their lives, on the various rungs of the ladder they find themselves on. Their survival depends on how we look after them, by reaching out with a steady stream of unrestricted love.

Wow! Indeed blessed are we that we have reached this ‘position’ with the grace of the Beloved One and that we have been blessed with the capacity and capability; the power, potential and prudence; the knowledge and know – how, the intellect to discriminate,to ensure and secure, an environment that nurtures and nourishes the well-being of all other beings in our care.
The subconscious mind knows very well, that we all have experienced the other rungs of the ladder at some point of time or the other. Evolution and Karma deems it so.
Hence, even as we celebrate this day as ‘Raksha Bandhan’ – the bond that promises to guard and sheild, let us open wide the arm of protection and pledge to love and protect all that belongs to Beloved Mother Sai. For all belong to the Divine Mother. A Universal Brotherhood that envelopes all.
One Earth – One Family.

Let that string of unconditional love, that thread of selfless affection, entwine and interlink us together…a Bandhan of Raksha, a bond that fortifies, that encourages to Help Ever, Hurt Never and to Love All, Serve All…ensuring one unit the Universe through…Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…   


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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