Refresh Yourself In The ‘Now’

Each day has so much to say,
Why waste it away,
By worrying,
What the morrow will bring?

Who knows about the flow,
Of tomorrow?
In the midst of destiny’s dance,
In the ‘now’ lies the chance,
To find ‘great’ joy,
In many a ‘little’ thing,
So, refresh yourself…
Let go, give in,
And allow your heart –
To sing,
To love, to live,
To hug, to give;
To dream, to view,
A lost friendship to renew;
To give someone the joy,
Of a pleasant surprise,
To watch upon snowy peaks,
A glorious sunrise,
With the brilliant hues of dawn,
Hold close a new born baby,
And watch it yawn;
To laugh out aloud,
To do your parents proud,
To cuddle a pup,
To say it’s not enough;
To walk in the rain,
To release any pain,
To listen to birds,
And the sweet melody they make,
To watch myriad reflections,
In a still, calm lake;
To wipe a tear,
To erase a fear,
To experience life through a child’s eyes,
To absorb the beauty,
Awe and wonder it does comprise;
To let a loved one know,
You will never let them go,
To reassure the ones who need you,
That for them you will be there;
To share, to care,
To soak in a sunset,
To pay off an old debt,
To have the courage to say sorry,
Please forgive me;
To plant a tree,
To set a bird free;
To feed a hungry stray,
To do at least one fine deed a day,
To pray,
And be grateful for all good things,
Sent your way…

Each moment can be filled,
With joys that last,
Even as it slips,
Into the waiting arms of the past…
Refresh yourself in the ‘now’ of this day,
Listen to what it has to say,
Be aware that each moment,
That does glide by,
Is a moment sent your way,
By Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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