Young Buds About To Bloom

…dedicated to all children for they inherit the Earth.

Children are blossoms in Mother Sai’s exotic garden. Parents who give birth to them are custodians, sub-gardeners answerable to the Divine Gardener for the loving care and upkeep of these buds.
Each bud has its own rare fragrance…ordained thus to perfume the earth.
Some of these blooms are abandoned before they flower, either discarded or ignored by parents, only to be nurtured in the cradle of Grandfather Time. Against all odds they face life, struggling to create a niche for themselves…trying hard to make way for that single ray of hope in the midst of a thicket of gloom.

Is it enough to simply give birth…? Parents need to devote quality time to these young buds, for them to blossom with self confidence and spread their fragrance everywhere.

Children are a gift from God,
They belong to God,
Mere caretakers are we,
Of God’s property,
What they experience has a deep effect on their psyche,
Impressionable age, formative years,
We need to encourage them, to quell their fears,
If we shower them with love, love they learn to radiate,
Shaping their destiny, overriding their fate,
If they receive abuses, they become abusive,
They need to be taught through values to live,
In an environment filled with criticism,
They learn to rebel even as they search for an identity,
Street children are not the only ones who face such ordeal,
With time, attention, care and love, they will heal…

This is a story, tragic yet true,
Many, many children around the world are facing this too,
Newspapers splash it, television reports it,
But it doesn’t reduce their anguish and trauma a bit…

Somebody cried.
An agonized child, who had no one by her side,
A father who verbally, emotionally and physically abused,
Claiming an ownership right,
A mother who ignored a child’s hunger and her piteous plight…
She asked people for help in desperation,
They shut the door on her,
Saying they didn’t care,
Nor could they spare or dare,
To show any consideration…
Parents complain about their off springs time and again,
Overlooking their own actions,
That cause so much pain…
Is it enough just to give birth,
And then to batter a child’s feeling of self-worth?
A scar that simply won’t go away,
Nightmarish memories that gnaw,
Bringing suicidal thoughts, every moment of the day…
She was cornered from all sides or so it did seem,
Yet she braved it,
Following the truth,
For that was her dream…
Eventually, help did come her way as deeply did she pray,
Fortunately, she survived the ordeal she went through,
Not many do…
To words and taunts, abuses and disdain,
Now that she is grown, here is what she has to say –
May your life not be in vain,
I have learnt my lesson even as I faced pain,
My tender years were through rough and distressing terrain,
Traumatic childhood,
And an emotional, physical as well as psychological drain,
To those filled with hatred, I have just one thing to say,
May you see the light one day,
As you sow, so you get a reward,
It is foolhardy to think you can ever deceive God…

(…the above poem had its debut in our book dedicated to the Beloved One – ‘Mother Sai’)


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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