I Believe

I believe in a higher purpose,
For which I am on Earth,
I believe no birth is an ordinary birth,
I believe every event,
And everyone,
Teaches me a lesson,
When I don’t learn,
The events keep repeating,
Till the lesson is done…

I believe in God,
I believe my Guru is my God,
And I believe Sri Sathya Sai Baba is my Guru and God,
I believe every relationship begins and ends in Him,
The rest are all interactions,
Upon the Ocean of Life,
As we do swim…

I believe I am the maker of my destiny,
I don’t know about the destiny I was born with,
But I do believe my destiny is,
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba,
I believe that the very fact I know God walks the Earth,
And that,
God let me know,
Who He is,
Is my great good fortune,
My heart smiles at this incredible boon…

I believe when I do anything for another,
I do it because it pleases me,
I don’t do anyone a favour,
For I believe I do it for me…

I believe everything is transient,
The only thing permanent is this transiency,
I believe the soul has taken many a shape,
Faced many a destiny,
And one day this form will be,
Left behind too,
If I cease to identify with it,
Then all that is because of this structure ceases too…

I believe that all the life forms we have assumed,
Are transit halts for the soul,
Perhaps akin to hotel rooms,
Or airports,
Many an appearance, many a stroll,
Many a journey,
Filling the pages of an ancient scroll…

And so I believe everything is make believe,
Because we make ourselves believe,
In this assumed form,
So many forms,
So many lifetimes,
So many stories,
And so are beliefs made,
Some find an upgrade,
While some do fade,
All that the mind does wrought,
And we make ourselves believe,
When nothing is,
And everything is not…

I believe in Oneness,
I believe I can reach you wherever you are,
For you are not where you are,
And I am not far,
I am where you are,
And you and I are One,
As are the gleaming rays of the Sun,
Or the gentle moonbeams,
Or the colours of the rainbow
Upon the Cosmic Screen,

Or the Essence in Space,
Or the dancing waves that do,
The Ocean embrace,

Or the myriad green leaves,
Being swayed gently by the breeze,
On lofty trees,
Or the fragrance that wafts from fresh flowers,
Or those refreshing raindrops in monsoon showers…

I believe I am what I think,
And so I don’t think of what I don’t want to be,
If I don’t identify with it,
I believe it can never be,
So I believe if I think right,
Right will all things be for me…

I believe in being content with what I have,
For what I don’t, never did belong,
I believe I make my own destiny,
And so I choose to be free,
To sing my very own song…
I believe my thoughts have shaped me so far,
And thoughts can be my release too,
Nothing can stop me from getting my due…

I believe it’s ordinary to love all when they are good,
But remarkable to love ‘in spite’ of,
And ‘because of’ too,
For a healthy person doesn’t need a doctor,
The ones who need love,
Are those filled with violence and anger…

I believe it’s easy to do what you like to do,
But the real challenge lies,
In doing well what you have to do,
I believe in accepting this challenge ,
And doing well,
With love,
All that I have to do…

I believe in ‘live and let live’,
Your ways may be good,
For you,
But not for me…

I believe that we can live together too,
In perfect harmony, 

As do ebony and ivory,
On a piano keyboard,
With enchanting rhythm and melody…

I believe in ‘let go and let God’,
I believe the Universe is living and breathing,
As is Mother Earth,
And so I believe in,
Care for Life,
Concern for Nature,
And Love and Reverence,
For all of Creation,
I believe there is space for all,
I believe in bridges not walls,
I believe you can run or ruin your life,
It’s the ‘I’ that is the deciding factor,
If you say go to E-G-O,
Life assumes a smooth flow…

I believe you are liberated,
When you overcome the mind,
For it is the mind that does you bind,
I believe renunciation should be ,
Of the thought process…
I believe mental housekeeping is very important,
A physical handicap is not as debilitating,
As a blocked mind,
Which incapacitates your thinking,
Sinking you through lifetimes…

I believe one should keep away from self pity,
For the self does not need any pity,
Self pity simply drags you down,
Keep it away and fly free…

I believe in keeping away from those who gossip,
And backbite,
For the same will be done of me,
As soon as I am out of sight…
I believe that a code of conduct we do breach,
Besides it being an insult to the divine power of speech…

I believe animals have more gratitude, compassion,
Loyalty, integrity and love in them,
Than most people,
I believe to be called a human being,
One needs to have human qualities,
It’s a title that has to be earned,
Not inherited…
I believe sometimes animals have more ‘human’ qualities,
And some human beings,
Are filled with what is referred to
As ‘animal’ qualities,
Humanity lies in a state of deep freeze…

I believe it’s important to be firm,
When you have to be,
Hissing is required,
Not biting…
It’s not how good a person looks,
Or their bank balance,
That proves his/her worth,
Beneath the outer mask,
A lot does experience unearth…

I believe a temple visit is uplifting,
But worshipping the Divine in all,
That lives and breathes around us,
Pleases the Lord,
More than rituals and obeisance,
For I believe when we harm or hurt any being,
From violence,
When we don’t ourselves restrain,
We cause the Creator great pain,
Damaging a chance,
Our destiny to enhance…

I believe in not giving up easily,
I believe there is always a way out,
And trust, faith and determination is that way,
I believe I must give life as much and more,
Than what I have received,
From kismet’s generous door,
I believe in gratitude,
Being the right attitude…

I believe children are born fearless,
Till adults in their vicinity,
Instill fear of ‘this, that and the other’ in them,
Nipping their growth in the bud,
Arresting their natural affinity,
Inhibiting their tryst with infinity…

I believe in giving my best to life,
And leaving the rest to Bhagawan,
For I truly believe,
He is my belief,
His life is example enough for me,
I believe the best way to set an example,
Is to be an example,
And His way is His life,
His life is His way,
He is living His teachings,
And that is ample for me,
I believe lip service is not enough,
But doing is believing,
And I believe in all that He has done and is doing…

I believe Bhagawan sees all of us as light,
When His glance falls on us,
He sees how the voltage differs,
And He rectifies any short circuit,
He doesn’t see what we see,
When we set our eyes on what’s around us,
He definitely doesn’t pay attention,
To the clothes and shoes we wear,
Criticism and derision is not His way,
With just one glance He sets right this cosmic play,
Making us rise above,
He amends the flickering voltage,
With love, love, love…

I believe it’s never a sacrifice,
To leave city comforts, friends and family,
And visit Bhagawan at Prashanti,
But it is definitely a major sacrifice,
To leave His presence,
And return back to the world and the worldly…

I believe in ‘Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu’,
I believe this will usher in peace for me and you,
I believe in wiping a tear and sharing a smile,
Simple are the things that help cross,
That extra mile,

I believe in myself,
And I believe in you,
I believe if I live with care,
There will never be any regrets or despair…
And so from Beloved Bhagawan’s life,
We must take a sign,
He has shown us a life filled,
With many a gentle design,
‘Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu’,
A prayer universally true,
I believe this is the only way,
Out of all that is askew,
Out of this worldly stew,
Out of all that enchantress Maya,
On a canvas of illusion,
So skillfully drew…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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