Abso‘flute’ly Yours

Wondrous indeed were those days in sweet Brindavan,
All eyes looked longingly at Nandanandanan,
So did I,
Many a time did I longingly sigh,
Though a mere piece of wood,
I yearned to fit in if I could,
Me, a reed of bamboo,
How ?
I had no clue…

And then the Lord picked me up,
Carving seven holes that made me whole,
A design that would lead many to their goal,
A musical instrument He did fashion,
The most ancient one,
Under the Sun…

Even as He held me,
To His divine lips,
And played a transcendental melody,
I tried to remain as hollow as hollow can be,
It was He that breathed life into,
And also through me,
Enthralling all,
A clarion call,
None could resist this exquisite symphony,
Rushing towards Him,
From wherever they may be,
A myriad birds did flock to His side,
To chirp gaily,
Cow or calf, peacock or deer,
Closer and closer all did steer,
And as He did continue to play,
Each blade of grass,
Every leaf did,
Delightfully sway,
Creator and Creation,
Even passing clouds with fascination,
Paused along their way,
And merrily did swirl many a golden sun ray,
Fragrant blooms joyfully blossomed forth,
Celestial beings too came down upon Earth…

Then one day,
The Lord did stop this ethereal play,
The flute,
Was struck mute,
He played for all,
But especially for Radha, you see,
For Sri Radha was,
The Supreme Personification of Bhakti,
The Embodiment of Selfless Devotion was She,
She was the reason for this musical rhapsody,
When departed Sri Radha,
The flute was flung away,
Into the streaming arms,
Of the sacred Yamuna…

As time did fly,
The Lord incarnated once again,
This time as Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
This time too,
The flute He does play,
But in quite a different way,
For there is a ‘Radha’ hidden in every one, you see,
That feeling, that ‘bhav’,
Of utmost devotionality,
When the seven chakras are in harmony,
And the heart effulgent with bhakti,
The mind and body,
Bereft of ego and arrogance completely,
Hollow as hollow can be,
And you plead with Him,
To make you what He wants you to be,
Surrendering to Him wholly,
You have in you already,
Chakras seven,
That He can breathe,
His enchanting melody through,
Drop what you think are you,
Become a flute,
An empty shoot,
Of bamboo,
Allow Him to play His divine melody,
Through you,
Let it be for you as it was for me,
Blessed will all your lifetimes be amply,
For it is my greatest reward,
To be held by the hands of God…

…No other desire have I,
Abso’flute’ly Yours may I remain,
Oh, Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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