My Friend Supreme…Who Makes My Heart Beam

There were millions around me,
Yet I chose You,
As My closest Friend,
For You,
Are the closest literally,
Always by my side,
My dearest Friend and Guide,
Closer than the next breath,
Nothing remains unsaid,
As is the eyelid for the eye,
You are for me,
Oh, sweet Mother Sai…

My Friend Supreme,
Who makes my heart beam…

Whether its walking down a dark alley,
Or facing a challenge,
A quandary,
You are there – as a standby,
You hold my hand,
I cease to cry,
My Friend Supreme,
Oh! loving Mother Sai…

You understand me,
Even when I am just being moody,
Or when pressures at work do disturb,
Or those misgivings that need a curb,
Or when there is a need to solve,
A gnawing mystery,
Or perhaps a wound or hurt.
That turns the eyes misty,
Or when I need to handle,
Someone’s  erratic behaviour,
Or those nasty traits,
That do their heads rear,
I don’t need to worry,
For I always find You near,
Through feud,
Debate or dispute,
All that I meet en route,
Through the lanes and by lanes of life,
The struggle, the strife,
That at times cut like a knife,
Caught in the midst of a pendulum swing,
My Friend, You make my heart sing…

The lessons to be learnt,
Through tears and laughter,
Always seem to end,
In ‘happily ever after’,

For Your presence have I known,
I don’t need to mail or sms,
Or even use the telephone,
For You are constantly nearby,
I know I am never ever alone,
Of this fact increasingly sure am I,
A reservoir of support and sustenance,
You are continuously standing by,
A ceaseless source of tender, loving care,
Showing how to face life fair and square,

Who cares about my growth and welfare,
A Friend Who has no end,
Who corrects, consoles,
Compliments and scolds,

Helps me play my myriad roles,
A Pal, a Buddy,
A Companion, a Comrade,

With Whom I can be myself,
Lay down my guard,

Who knows me in and out,
Who never does me doubt,
That Friend Supreme
Who makes my heart beam,
On Whom I do completely rely,
That Friend has always been,
And will always be,
You, Oh! Precious Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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