Alas! My Lord Have You Forgotten Me?

Alas! My Lord have You forgotten Me?
Echoed every heartbeat of Sita Maharani,
As She sat forlorn,
Under the Ashoka tree,
Her gaze preset upon,
Her own Lotus Feet,
Her absorption total and complete,
Her mind, heart and soul,
On Sri Rama transfixed,
She did Herself commit,
To Her own script,
Immersed in the divine play adeptly
Her mood ever so melancholy…

On to Her lap,
A ring,
Did drop Sri Hanuman,
Sri Rama’s insignia,
Bringing a torrent of memories,
Oh! So dear,
Profuse were Her blessings,
For this valiant One,
Who in his childhood had literally,
Reached out to hold the Sun,
She blessed Him with incomparable Devotion,
Valour, Invincibility,
And Immortality,
‘Ah! My Lord You haven’t forgotten Me’,
Thus having spoken She awaited,
His arrival uncomplainingly…

This was a scene from the Cosmic Play,
In Treta Yug,
A celestial array,
But these words in Dwapar Yug too,
Did themselves display,
As the individual and the Super Soul,
Presented a heavenly ballet,
Of divine love a fragrant bouquet,
Sri Radha and the Gopis did,
Creation symbolise,
Krishna as the Supreme Purusha,
They did perceive and realize,
With these words they did Him apprise,
His departure to Mathura did them agonize,
Their pain they could never disguise,
Ever so apparent for all to see,
‘Alas! My Lord have You forgotten Me?’

Before long,
Uddhav came along,
For him a learning lesson,
Oh, so sound,
His pride,
In his devotion being the most profound,
Lay asunder,
Knocked to the ground,
For nothing had prepared him for this,
Radha and the Gopis,
Were in perpetual bliss,
They were eternally immersed in Krishna Consciousness,
They were supremely elevated beings no less,
Inquiries about their Krishna they did impress,
Upon the birds and the bees,
Sun rays, moon beams, or the cool autumn breeze,
Each leaf upon every tree that did receive their sigh,
Pointed to a way of living that did signify,
Their focal point, their concentration,
Their dedication,
Their absorption,
Was entirely Krishna,
This nothing could belie,
Nor anyone deny,
So from them Uddhav did for Krishna,
Receive this collective reply,
‘Oh, my Lord, when You did me bless so immensely,
That everywhere I gaze,
I see only Thee,
Oh, my Lord I know You haven’t forgotten me’…

Now too at times, one can hear this refrain,
The heart enduring stress and pain,
‘Alas! My Lord have You forgotten me?’
Thyagaraj, Ramdas,
Tukaram, Namdev, Tulsidas,
Mira and Andal,
The list goes on endlessly,
‘Alas! My Lord have You forgotten me?’
Resonating in the heart of many a Warkari,
Perhaps also within you and me,
Through Treta, Dwapar and Kali…

Of devotion,
Is the silent ally,
Then ever so immediate is His reply,
No need of any hue and cry,
‘Oh, my Lord, You can never forget me’,
Cries out that blissful devotee,
In this age of Kali,

His decree does His limitlessness imply,
Then, His appearance does all logic defy,
Ah! Such is the response of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
Such is the Wonder, 
The Beauty,
The Truth,
The Will of Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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