Time…And The Game Of Life

From a Guru to a Shishya,
These words were of wisdom,
A fragrant spray:
So you look into the mirror umpteen times a day,
Identifying with the reflection,
Maya at play,
Thinking that’s how you will always remain,
In the game of life,
Time plays subtly both soft and harsh strokes,
Nothing remains the same…
Wrinkles replace arrogance of youth,
Decay and disease strike you mute…
It’s time to pay attention
To this leading question,
Yourself, how do you perceive?
Yourself, how can you deceive?
Is the one that outsiders and your friends see,
The goody good that you portray,
The real you?
Or that nasty side that slips through,
When it’s understood, no one worthy is watching you,
Is that the real you…?
Or is there something deeper that you need to discover?
A veil that you need to uncover…
Come now, how much longer this pretense?
The time lost is immense,
A scattered way of being, a superficial living…
So many a mask, so many a role,
Taking you further away from the goal,
Lifetimes will pass you by,
Wake up now and comply,
Unity in thought, word and deed,
That is the foundation,
That is the seed…

Follow the Master, Face the Devil, Fight to the End and Finish the Game.
– Baba

Most of the time, the devil is our own negative perceptions, self piteous thoughts, arrogant behaviour, dark habits and a lack of conscience.
What a huge amount of excess baggage as one travels through life!
The journey of life is joyful when the mind is light and the heart is happy.
Most times, words or speech, a benediction from Mother Saraswati is misused and floats around like dust in the wind. An insult indeed to this precious gift from the Divine. Such careless and callous words,  should be treated akin to dust and ignored. For if one pays attention to dust, it only gets into the eyes and stings and makes you come to a standstill. It’s wise to close one’s eyes till the dust blows over and then move on…

One day, a washer woman finished her chores on the banks of the holy Yamuna. She couldn’t lift the heavy basket of clothes, so she looked around for help. Sri Krishna and His friends were playing nearby, so she asked Him to help put the load on her head. To her amazement, He flatly refused! She somehow struggled and managed on her own and went away, puzzled at Krishna’s behaviour. As she plodded forth on the uphill road, in a trice Krishna was beside her. The charming Gopala stopped her and took the basket from her head and to her astonishment, put it on His own head. When she questioned Him, He replied, “Dear Mother, I have not come to put any burden on your head, but to take away your burden. Hence kindly allow Me to carry your load.”

The self same Krishna walks amongst us today to help us evolve and leave behind habits that damage our own growth. He has come in response to our own sub-conscious yearning to help us journey back to Godhead. Beloved Bhagwan so patiently and silently teaches us, by setting examples. His life is His message. Our life too can be His message.

In the words of Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda, “Good habits are your best helpers; preserve their force by stimulating them with good actions. Bad habits are your worst enemies; against your will they make you do the things that hurt you most. They are detrimental to your physical, social, moral and spiritual happiness. Starve bad habits by refusing to give them any further food of bad actions.”

HABIT– remove ‘H’– a bit’ remains; remove ‘A’– ‘bit’ remains; remove ‘B’- it’ remains; just doesn’t leave, only when you remove the ‘I’ it transmutes. Letting go of ‘I’ represents letting go of the ego that hinders evolvement. We need to fight the inner enemies first, for then we begin to see and perceive through the eyes of love. All of creation becomes an extended family and we behave accordingly too.
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu.
Then we have no enemies, only a deeper understanding of beings, circumstances and events. And it becomes easy to
 Love All, Serve All; Help Ever, Hurt Never.

[The above words came alive on the editorial page of the Pune Youth Wing Newsletter in the Summer of 2008]


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