I Can See Only You

Today the Universe does celebrate, Sri Radha Ashtami…the birth in the village of Barsana, of the truly Beloved, of the Beloved One…the birth of ‘Radha Bhav’…that feeling of Superlative Surrender and Unparalleled Dynamic Devotion that lies hidden, buried deep within each one of us…waiting to rise to the fore…to find fulfillment at the Lotus Feet…

As you do peruse the lines below,
You must know,
Radha was the Adhar,
Of Krishna,
His support,
She was the Physical /Material Manifestation of Krishna’s heart,
Krishna played this role, this part,
As He wanted to experience Bhakti,
For Himself, you see,
She was an extension of Krishna,
An expansion of His energy,
Krishna represents the Supreme Purusha and Radha symbolises Prakriti…

With the orange – gold rays of the setting sun,
Did sparkle sacred Brindavan,
As Sri Radha did await,
Her Krishna, Her Mohan,
In the emerald green forest glade,
Where each tiny grass blade,
With awe looked upon Her Enchanting Face,
In hushed stillness, they too yearned for Kanhaiya’s Grace…

Her ears longed only for the enthralling sound,
The mellow melody of Kanha’s flute,
She knew Krishna to be the Supreme Absolute,
Every particle in Brindavan did salute,
Her divine pursuit,
Her extreme devotion,
Attracted heartfelt admiration enroute,
And myriad Gopikas followed suit…

Sri Radha did wander around Govardhan Giri,
Worshipping Her Muralidhari inwardly,
Feeling His presence subtly,
Looking enquiringly,
At the cows and calves,
That grazed on pastures green,
Asking them softly,
Just how have they been,
Dealing with the absence,
Of the most Beloved Presence…

Peacocks followed Her closely,
Along with other denizens of the forest,
They too did acknowledge Her affectionately,
Laying down their soft feathers,
For Her tender Lotus Feet…
She also fondly,
Did them greet,
Their heartache She did share,
Without Nanda Kishore all seemed barren and bare…

Gently did She caress,
The waters of the holy Yamuna,
Her feelings She did wholly outpour,
“He left for Mathura six months ago,
 His presence in all that’s around Me,
Does set My heart aglow,
His subtle reality surrounds Me ever more,
Yet, these steady stream of tears can match,
Your ceaseless flow…”

The passing breeze did in compassion,
Touch Her tenderly,
As would a child soothing its Mother lovingly,
She turned Her radiant face and whispered devotedly,
“News of My Beloved have you brought for Me gladly?
My message did you communicate to Him totally,
That My heart beats only,
Because He resides therein?
I hold close a fragrant potpourri,
Of many a cherished memory,
Now, release Me of My anxiety,
Say something about Him to Me…”

She leaned against a tree,
Suddenly and overpoweringly,
Overwhelmed with Krishna Consciousness,
She heard His words,
As He lovingly did Her address,
“My Beloved Radha, I am here,
Your every wish I will fulfill,
It is My Sankalpa, My will,
So much did I make You endure,
Yet, You remain the Purest of the Pure…”
But He received only silence from Her,
He did then continue to murmur,
“I know You want My love, dear Radha,
Ask Me,
And I will,
Bestow upon You willingly…”

She listened to His voice in ecstasy,
Soaking in this moment blissfully,
Radha then did open Her limpid eyes,
Upon seeing His own reflection in them,
Krishna did realize,
There was naught else but Him for Her,
And then,
With Her words She did Him,
Further stir,
Gathering some water in Her palm,
Her face serene, Her voice calm,
Though tears did glisten in Her beautiful eyes,
Her words did with the wisdom of surrender comprise,
“Oh! Krishna, when in each droplet of water,
That I hold,
I can see You only,
That is enough for Me,
Need I ask You for anything?
That I love You,
Is enough for Me,

I breathe You in with each breath,
In You,
My destiny I have met,

Every atom that does dance around Me,
Does reveal to Me,
Your Beloved Form completely,
I savor Your Pitambari hue,
In all that I do view,
You have come too late, My Krishna,
For I now remain enveloped,
Entirely in You…
How can I ask You,
For You?

For Me,

There is nothing else but You?
Suffice it is for Me,
Just to love You…”

A sudden silence,
Time did freeze,
Krishna bent down upon His knees,
Celestial Beings came by,
To witness a scene such as this,
Taking Her hand in His,
Krishna did with great elation proclaim,
“At long last have I met One,
Who loves Me,
For Me only,

Ever so purely,
Asking for nothing in return,
Not even My love,
That I offer repeatedly,
Ah! Finally That Supreme Devotee,
Who loves Me unconditionally…”

And so the play goes on,
Thru lifetimes of day, dusk and dawn,
Krishna and Radha,
Radha and Krishna,
God, Devotion and Devotee,
Ceaseless is this play,
Creator and Creation,
Purusha and Prakriti,
Bhagawan, Bhakt and Bhakti…
Just the way it is,
Between Beloved Mother Sai, you and me…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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