Pink Rays Of Hope Upon An Arid Sand Dune

…and so at times life does seem,
Like being out in the Desert,
Scorching rays,
That sting, scald and burn,
On a mid – summer noon…

What’s left doesn’t seem right,
And what’s right seems to be left out…
But hold on,
Push away the doubt,
Allah Ho Akbar,
God is great,
Have faith,
Remember when Life seems grossly,
Out of tune,
Standing by,
Is Beloved Mother Sai,
Whose love is like,
Soothing pink rays upon an arid sand dune…

When a lot of upheavals you do face,
Through stormy desert storms,
Fear grips,
Your heart does race,
A tiny leaf in a mighty tempest,
With a way out you seek to be blessed,
You flail,
Lost without a base,
You search for a tiny trace,
Of grace…
Hold on,
Tug a bit gently,
Perhaps somewhat urgently,
Clutch the silken soft fabric of that orange robe,
A succour for zillions across the globe,
An Oasis in the Desert,
The Beloved One will,
His children never desert,
In the dark half of the night,
No shelter in sight,
Hold on,
Wait a bit,
The clouds of gloom,
Will blow over,
To reveal the brilliant shimmer,
Of a full Moon…

Even as your ill fortunes you do mourn,
Approaching your way,
Is a dazzling dawn,
Orange – pink rays,
Caress and colour with joy,
The arid sand dune…

The intense intoning of the Name,
Draws magnetically the Supreme Presence,
That delightful frame,
Unto you,
An immense blessing and a boon,
For when life feels like an arid sand dune,
At noon,
That dreary desert you can walk out of,
It’s up to you,
Be allayed, assuaged,
Pacified, softened,
Released, eased and pleased,
And embraced,
In the soothing,
Pink hued rays,
Beloved Mother Sai’s eternal love…
A refreshing release,
From many a tug, push and shove… 

Life once again,
Is bathed in a glorious tune,
Pink rays gushing forth,
From Hues of Orange,

That dance upon,
And do lovingly soften,
Into molten gold,

Each arid sand dune…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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