That Figure Of Bliss

There was something missing,
Something amiss,
Making me wonder,
‘Just what kind of a feeling is this?’
The Sun shone bright,
The Moon shimmered at night,
The birds did chirp and fly,
And clouds all fluffy white,
Did journey on in the sky,
Yet something was missing,
Something amiss,
A gnawing feeling,
I just couldn’t dismiss…
The rivers continued their run,
Towards the ocean,
Fresh green leaves sprung forth,
Upon the mighty Banyan,
The hands of the clock,
Kept ticking on,
Each night gave way to a new dawn,
Yet something was amiss,
Making me feel far removed from bliss…
To twinkle and dazzle,
The stars did continue,
Every morning each blade of grass,
Was bathed with fresh dew,
The seasons came by,
As per routine,
With pride their wondrous feathers,
Peacocks did preen,
The colours of the rainbow,
Did remain intact,
Humanity still lingered between fiction and fact,
Though everything seemed ‘normal’,
Fragmented was the ‘peace pact’…
Something was amiss,
And just what was this?
An empty feeling I just couldn’t dismiss,
Somewhat like an abyss…
Even as I did ponder and reminisce,
The Beloved One’s name,
Every heartbeat did lisp,
Only then did I realise,
How much I did Him miss,
It was this in life,
That seemed terribly remiss,
The Presence of that Supreme Someone,
Ever so Sovereign,
A glimpse of Whom made me feel,
Serene and sanguine,
And the heart did do a crazy dance,
When from the Beloved One,
It did receive a glance,
And every cell abounded,
With joy immense,
Rejoicing in this Cherished Presence,
Eyes that surpasses,
The beauty of lotus petals,
In full bloom,
And that special fragrance,
Unknown to any known perfume,
That hush,
That silence,
That awe,
At the time of Darshan,
Of that most loving a sight,
That made many a frozen heart thaw,
From this Delightful Form,
None could their eyes withdraw,
No wonder I feel,
Something is amiss,
No wonder I miss,
That Presence so full of bliss,
For I know nothing,
Can replace this,
And so,
There remains a void,
An abyss,
Life now does,
A ‘Something Missing’ tag affix,
Nothing or no one can,
This gnawing feeling dismiss…
I am sure,
I am not alone,
When I say this,
A trillion echoes,
In the ether persists,
“Oh! Beloved Mother Sai,
Ever so much I do You miss,
Every breath insists,
Only for You,
And consists,
Only of You,
Oh! Giver of Bliss,
Grant me this –
Lingering glimpses,
Of that Figure of Bliss…”


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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