Mine You Are And Ever More Shall Be

Over and above the din and noise,
You wait and wait,
To hear that sweet voice,
Speaking to you,
Even as you,
Called out to Him,
Gathering courage in the crowd,
‘Swami, Swami’,
Ringing out clearly,
When He glided by,
As some watched in awe,
Others in prayerful silence,
And so many did sigh…
‘Swami, Swami’,
As He did pause,
To collect a letter or two,
Refreshing lives gone askew,
Enveloping all,
With pure love,
Without much ado,
Vibhuti for some,
Gentle words for a few,
Bathing the gathering,
In His magnetic,
Pink auric hue…
Ah! That stroke of amazing fortune,
Even as you do call out,
‘Swami, Swami,’
He does smilingly come,
To stand right before you,
In retrospect you wonder,
What good karma,
Did you,
Through your ancestors accrue,
Yet at times,
He just,
Silently does float by,
Stepping upon fresh lotus blooms,
Unseen to the human eye,
And you long for more,
To hear that Beloved voice,
Is a yearning,
From deep within your core,
Perhaps if you listen carefully,
You might hear,
The Beloved One whisper,
Ever so clear –
“I am always with you,
And you,
Are forever with Me,

Remember always,
You are a fragment of Me,

Blaze forth,
My beloved child,
My divine love and energy,

Emitting My light,
Reflecting Me,
Mine you are,
And evermore shall be,
Of truth believe in this acme,
No mute mystery,
Or sketchy theory,
Know that I am with you,
And you remain with Me,
As you always have been,
Mine you are,
And evermore shall be,

From the time of creation,


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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