A Little Too Late Even For Regret

They arrived at the old people’s home,
A little too late,
Their mother had left,
For death couldn’t wait…

Silent tears,
Through the last so many years,
And only fragmented memories for company,
She looked forward to visits,
But her children made excuses,
They were never free…

She had brought them up,
With great love and care,
To ease out all their troubles,
She did have,
A mother’s natural flair…

She toiled day and night,
To give them,
The best,
The children had lost their father young,
And she had to face,
Many a challenge and test…
Life for her,
Were her children,
But the children had a life of their own,
Ready they were,
To fly out of the nest,
Once they were sufficiently grown…

Succumbing to distractions,
Oh, so many attractions,
The same mother who thought of them,
With every heart beat,
In their life,
Now took her place,
In a forgotten corner of the back seat…

Still she made excuses for them,
Thinking they were busy,
Praying that successful and happy,
May they always be…

Their childhood days,
She would recall,
Running they would come to her,
With big things and small,
Fees, uniforms, shoes, money for food,
And a million other tensions,
Extra time after work,
Had to be spent giving tuitions…

She grew old and feeble and had a fall,
Good neighbours rushed in,
And gave her children a call,
The children put her in an old people’s home,
Knowing their mother would understand,
With jobs and their own homes to run,
They felt they had too much on their hand…

Calls and visits were far from frequent,
Though they promised to take her home soon,
For a forlorn mother those words were,
Like nectar,
A blessing and a boon…

She waited eagerly,
Time went by,
Heart broken,
Her days ended with a hopeless sigh…

The children forgot their vows and got busy again,
Little inkling they had about a mother’s pain,
She gave up on hope,
And she gave up on life,
Soon, willingly she did embrace death,
They came upon her lifeless body,
And their photos,
Strewn around her bed,
A little too late they were,
Even for regret…

Time and tide wait for no one…
To lose sight of our priorities we can’t afford,
Our parents give birth to us,
Along with their time, life, soul and support,
In the dawn of our life,
They nurture and care for us,
They teach us to walk on our own,
They help us face challenges anew,
They open us up to our spiritual calling,
To the light of our Beloved Lord,
To the wondrous beauty around us,
And within us too…
In their twilight times,
The onus is on us to look after them,
Help them endure,
Love them, respect them,
And make them feel secure,
In the autumn of their life,
The approaching winds of winter,
As they do accost,
They should be reassured first and foremost –
On our ‘to love and care for’ list,
They feature uppermost,
What they face today,
Tomorrow may send our way too,
Neglect of parents is always a vile taboo,
Akashic Records compile all that we do,
It’s up to us to choose,
How we,
Our Karma do accrue…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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