Pure Love Is A Pathway Straight To God

Love is that which makes your heart dance,
When it pours out,
It flows,
Through every glance…
Pure Love stems from the spiritual,
For living and being,
A much required fuel,

When love fills the vision,
One is able to clearly see,
Beyond Anger, Hatred, Envy,
From negative emotions gradually set free…
Of Pure Love,
You can never have enough,
It  smoothens and soothes all that is rough…
Love makes you want to reach out to all,
Love is a response to an inner call,
Love fills you with compassion,
Love is a Oneness with all of Creation,
Love is a feeling supreme,
Love is a fulfillment of the Creator’s Dream…
Love needs no season,
Love is beyond reason,
Love is a feeling sublime,
Love is beyond space and time,
Love gives, gives and gives and forgives,
Love lives and let lives,
Love is its own reward,
Love is a pathway straight to God…
Pure Love took on a dazzling form,
Pure Love quelled many a storm,
Pure Love hears each and every cry,
Pure Love is what I receive perennially,
Oh! Ever so tenderly,

From Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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