When The I Merges In Sai

37000 feet in the air,
The Aircraft plummets,
No time to think – How and Where ?
A roaring sound within the ears,
Shaking and rolling,
Absolutely out of control,
It so appears,
Death leers, peers and nears,
The initial jolt quickly clears,
Life acquires a question mark,
Is it time to say ‘Good – Bye’?
Just one thought does remain,
A continuous humming of a refrain,
A supine surrender,
An intense wish for the ‘I’ to be merged in Sai,
No fear,
Neither of parting – any pain,
No tears as elongated seconds tick by,
This side or that,
It didn’t really matter,
So long as the ‘I’ merged in Sai,
Beyond any – ‘what, when, where, how or why’,
Nothing and none can His presence,
Decry or deny,
When the ‘I’ merged in Sai,
Whenever, Wherever, Anywhere and Everywhere,
There is only Beloved Mother Sai…

As the ‘I’ merged in Sai,
The heart did supply,
An intention,
‘Whatever You Wish Beloved Mother Sai’
And so,
The visa of life got an extension,
As per Divine Intervention,
But a question,
Popped up upon introspection –
Does the Lord ‘save’ me,
When He my life does save?
What if my senses still do me enslave?
Ah, does not the Beloved One save me,
When He shows me how to rise above?
Opening thereby,
My heart to Compassion,
Consideration, Care and Unconditional Love?
Isn’t that when the Beloved One saves me?
This principle of Selflessness and Sacrifice,
Kindness and Concern,
Must underlie,
Every thought, word and deed,
As fleet footed time passes by,
For when the ‘I’ is merged in Sai,
Every atom that dances around me,
In all that I,
Touch, Taste, Smell, Hear and See,
Oh, so definitely,
Represents the Essence of Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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