Of You, Beloved Mother Sai…We Can Never Have Enough

Can you ever have enough,
Of the One,
Whom you love…?
Can you say ‘no’ to warm sunny rays,
On a cold and windy wintry day…?
Can you reject moonbeams,
That illumine your way,
On an otherwise dark night…?
Can mountains forbid itself,
Its associated stunning height…?
Of what use the eyes,
Sans sight…?
Can there be day minus sunlight…?

Can a mother cow keep away,
From the tender needs of its calf…?
Can a comedian say enough,
To a hearty laugh…?
Can you veto the need of a lighthouse,
For ships out at sea…?
Or the care of a mother,
For her new born baby,
Whatever the species maybe…?
Or the much needed chlorophyll,
And manure,

For plants and trees,
To grow and endure…?

Can a dog stay away from its inherent quality,
Of true and complete loyalty…?
Can rivers and oceans say enough,
To streams of water ever so dear…?
Will you keep away from a sanctuary,
That could put an end to all fear…?

Can the Himalayas say ‘no’,
To snow…?
Can Monsoon clouds deny itself moisture…?
Can a sick person refuse medicines,
When for an ailment there is a cure…?
Can a Desert rebuff and dismiss,
Grains of sand or an Oasis…?

Can you prohibit a respite,
When at the end of your tether…?
Can birds decline the need,
Their requirement,
For a generous bit of feather…?
Can you say ‘no’ to a shelter,
When the conditions are stormy and rough…?
Or to a kind and helping hand,
When the going gets tough…?
So, how can you ever have enough,
Of the One,
Whom you love…?

Many lives, many Masters,
Lifetimes did face,
And then,
That ultimate grace,
That bountiful divine accord,
To be in the presence of God,
To breathe in the same air,
And receive immeasurable love and care,
To walk the same earth,
Upon the land the Lord chose,
For His birth…

So, can there be enough of the glimpses,
Ever so benevolently bestowed upon us?
Can we now remain complacent,
And not make any fuss…?
When tireless time tests us with trials,
Ever so tough,
The boat of life,
Tosses on seas extremely rough…

If we urgently knock,
Surely the gates of heaven,
Will open its lock…?
In response to our cry of  ‘enough’ ,
To the painful separation,
From the One Whom we love,

Each knock an earnest pledge,
To improve upon what we are,
Placing on all things negative,
An irrevocable ban,
And a permanent bar,
Along with this vow, a sincere plea –
We love You,
We thank You,
I am sorry,
Please forgive me,
We long for You,
We need You,
Can a child ever have enough of its Mother…?
Can a child want any other…?
We seek You,
We seek Your love,
Of You, Beloved Mother Sai,
We can never, ever have enough…
When it comes to You, Oh! Beloved One,
We can in no way, not at all,
Have enough…
For You,
Are our love…
You are the One we love…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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