Shirdi…Parthi…Uncanny Harmony

Petite offshoots of that mighty Eternal Flame…
Torchbearers are we of that Sacred Name…
That Ultimate Will,
That Limitless Light,
That Everlasting Mental Force,
That Supreme Source…

All the beings on all the planets,
Stared longingly at Earth,
For that’s where the Lord had chosen,
To take birth,
Earth shone with a glory,
Hitherto unknown,
Or perhaps known to centuries gone by,
Once again a glorious reply,
To Mother Earth’s cry,
A Physical Expression,
For the Absolute Essence,
As It came upon Shirdi,
And then Parthi,
Blessing humanity profusely,
Oh! So abundantly,
The First and then the Second –
Time was fortunate to espy,
The first two manifestations,
Of the Triple Incarnation of ‘Sai’…

The Eternal Flame,
To set us all aglow,
To relight the lamp,
To restore,
Which had extinguished within,
Flickering out of sight,
A ‘has been’…

That Supreme Source,
That Limitless Light,
That Everlasting Mental Force,
Knew that the lamp couldn’t burn,
As the fuel of Compassion, Consideration,
Care and Concern,
Had of late,
Seemed to evaporate,
Leaving the soul windswept,
Trapped  in the quicksand,
Of murky depths,
Dark and dense,
Filled with ignorance…

He has come to help us rise above,
He has come to reignite the flame of love,
To reintroduce uncanny harmony,
So we can live again,
And not merely exist,
For the runway of life has been overshot,
The purpose and substance sorely missed…

With the return of the flame,
Every cell echoes the sacred name,
Shining bright,
To the great delight,
Of the Beloved One,
Spreading light,
Extending love and harmony,
Ever so naturally,
Proving thereby,
Offsprings are we,
Tiny Offshoots,
Petite sparks,
Of that mighty Eternal Flame,
Torchbearers of that sacred name,
Our very source how can we deny…?
All else we must defy,
And posthaste comply,
With Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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