Diwali And The Light Within

A celebration that pains another,
Or causes harm,
Is no celebration at all…

From the dawn of Creation,
Upon every soul was etched a caption,
‘You Are Compassion Incarnate’,
Those unseen lines do go on to mention,
‘Only With Love We Must function’,
But Alas,
The senses ensnare and create a friction,
Washing away purity with poison and pollution,
Ah! For Humanity what great chagrin,
Rendering asunder the harmony,
The sweet music of the Celestial Violin,
Forgotten in a corner,
Ever so dim – a ‘has been’,
Is the neglected condition of,
The Light Within…

Festival of Lights –
Of celebrations a potpourri,
A right royal welcome,
To Beloved Sri Rama And Mother Janki,
For steadfast Laxmana,
And heroic Hanumanji,
Fire crackers and lamps,
Sweets and rangoli,
But what of the Light Within,
Doesn’t it deserve a mention?
Does it still have a flicker of life,
Is it frozen?
Its existence do we pause to question?

Sri Rama represents,
The Light Within,
With His exile,
Plunged into darkness,
Ayodhya had been,
A darkness that envelopes due to grief,
Only with His return did it leave,
There is no meaning to life,
Without this Supreme Flame,
Lacking in radiance,
Nothing remains the same,
Only upon His homecoming,
The environment shone bright,
Incomparable was His luster,
Wasn’t He the Supreme Light?
Offshoots are we of this Eternal Flame,
This is what lights up the External Frame…

So even as we do commemorate,
Its never too late to debate,
The manner in which we celebrate,
Reach your hand into the dark,
And pull another into the light instead,
Uplifting Fate,
Dare to be different,
Your actions well meant,
For shouldn’t we have concern,
What other beings around us face?
Why let Humanity face disgrace?

Fire crackers lead to noise and air pollution,
Frightening birds and animals,
They do them displace,
Their way back home they are unable to trace,

Totally dependent on the Beloved One’s grace,
If you watch your pets suffer,
You will care for the ones battling it out,
Alone on the street,
Terrified by the noise,
Fear in every racing heart beat,
Challenges and many a dare,
Lead to carelessness and accidents,
And toxic waste in the air,
Posing a health hazard too,
For unborn babies, children, young adults,
For me and you,
Water pollution and acid rain,
So much to lose and nothing to gain,
A celebration that pains another,
Or causes harm,
Is no celebration at all,
Why not respond to that Divine Call?
Why forget that caption engraved,
Upon the soul?
That gentle nudge towards our true role?
Why forget love,
That brings compassion,
In its wake?
Care and consideration why forsake?
Why not replace friction,
The vexation of Humanity,
With the Harmony,
Of the Celestial Violin?
Let’s bring to the fore,
From deep inside the core,

That which is considered a ‘has been’,
Why lose when you can win?
This Diwali let us intensely,
Intentionally focus,
On The Light Within…
For Beloved Mother Sai is –
The Light Within…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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