‘Life’ – Is The Name Of The Learning Game

In the ‘Classroom Of The Universe’ –
‘Life’ is the name of the Learning Game…

…From a Child,
I learnt innocence…
The ability to trust completely,
Of  fear and conditions,
And preconceived notions,
Absolutely free…

…From a Crow,
I learnt the gift of sharing…

He never does eat alone,
Upon sighting food,
Cawing signals he does send,
To family and friends…

…From a Dog,
I learnt about loyalty and love…

And gratitude too,
It opened me up,
To a wonderful view…

…From a Tree,
I learnt the spirit of sacrifice…

To just give, give and give,
For surely that is,
The right way to live…

…From a mirror,
I learnt to reflect what is shown…

No frills, no fizz,
Just to show,
That which is…

…From my friend – the Sun,
I learnt about nourishment,
Intensity and no expectations…
To shine on all, devoted to duty,
What a way to live and to be…

…From the Sky,
I learnt to remain uninvolved…

An ‘un-interfering’ presence,
Simply no pretense…..

…From Streams and Rivers,
I learnt to move forward and continuously flow…

In spite of obstacles that come my way,
For that’s how I can reach out and grow,
Day by day…

…From the Rain,
I learnt how to cool and soothe…

To refresh and give life,
Not to add but to end all strife…

…From the Ocean,
I learnt about depth…

How it has always been there for the shore,
A love that never ends,
There is abundance in store…

…From Mother Earth,
I learnt about simplicity, humility, forgiveness and growth…
We trample, spit and pollute,
Yet flowers and grains,
She continues to bring forth…

…From a Cell Phone,
I learnt to delete…

What is not needed,
To replace, refill, restart,
And never be defeated…

…From my Guru –
Beloved Mother Sai –
I learnt to keep on learning…
And that –
In the ‘Classroom Of The Universe’,
‘Life’ is the name of the Learning Game,

And so, my heart does with gratitude swell,
It is only because of Him,
That life is teaching me so well…



About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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One Response to ‘Life’ – Is The Name Of The Learning Game

  1. Aloka says:

    Only mother Sai..now and forever more…Sai Sai Sai…:)

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