Let The Master’s Words Reach Your Heart

A grandmother once visited Puttaparthi,
Along with some members of her family,
For many decades she had been a devotee,
Together for the first time,
Were grandson and Nani,
In Nilayam Prashanti…

She had walked on the sands,
Before it was replaced by concrete,
For many a year,
The Lord of Parthi,
Was in her every heartbeat,
For a glimpse of those petal soft Lotus Feet,
With bhakti replete,
The old timers had to face quite a journey,
Buses, trains, bullock cart,
And then wading the holy Chitravati,
For a darshan of Sai,
They would even sleep under a tree,
Enveloped in His Loving Grace,
A warm and snug canopy…

She was ever so happy to be back again,
Though her vision had dimmed,
And there was physical strain,
Her eyes did now a sparkle regain,
They shone bright,
For they had awakened to ‘that’ divine sight…

Nani, with token ‘16’,

What darshan did you get?’
Asked her young grandson,
A trifle upset,
The Nani replied softly,
Gently drawing him near,
‘It’s a blessing to be here,
You know you have reached the Lord,
And how would you know that?
This is only clear,
When the Master’s words,
Have reached your heart, my dear…
He can reach you,
Wherever you are,
For He is in that tiny blade of grass,
As well as that sparkling yonder star,
Learn to ‘see’ Him,
Search for and find Him,
Here, there, everywhere,
Seek His grace for this blessing rare,
Ah! What a boon to breathe in the same air,
That the Beloved One does breathe out,
To be abounding in faith,
Beyond the dark claws of doubt,
Oh! With utmost reverence to caress,
The very Earth,
Those Lotus Feet does touch and bless,
When that Supreme Radiance,
Did Itself compress,
Himself choosing to dress,
In wondrous hues ever so warm,
Blessings and Benedictions pouring forth,
From that all powerful palm,
His ways fill my heart with bliss,
What more can I ask than this,
For all the efforts,
Through lifetimes gone by,
To bask now in the darshan of Mother Sai,
Is the greatest benediction,
The most precious reward,
My little one,
That these eyes,
Could look upon the face of the Lord,
That the heart was touched,
By the words of God…
Open wide the doors of your heart,
Let the Master’s words,
Grace your heart too,
Embrace that marvellous view,
Nothing else but Mother Sai and you,
Start Early in life, Drive Slowly, sweet child,
Reach Safely, you will too,
Listen to me, please do,
Let the Master’s words reach you…”


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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