An Intonation Timeless And True – Akhand Bhajan

With an intonation timeless and true,
The Lord did bless me and you,
It resonates the Universe through,
And in each little heartbeat too,
Non stop, unbroken, continuous,
An Akhand Bhajan one of its kind,
In every atom an echo you will find,
To our Source it does us all bind,
A gentle nudge prodding the mind,
Of our divine origin it does us remind,
From the beginning of time,
A melody sublime…

AUM – an eternal chant,
A permanent implant,
Reverberating forever,
Ceasing never,
Intended so by the Lord,
Ever since creation got a Cosmic Nod…

In a world that has forgotten its divine status,
Sadly, this includes all of us,
This perpetual chant uplifts, refreshes, rejuvenates,
All this and much more,
Is what it does,
So power packed,
So full of plus,
Yet unable are we to connect to it thus,
Until the Master came along,
And gently exhorted us,
To join in this Celestial Song,
Explaining its significance,
Benefits – vast and immense,
We add further zing,
When from deep within our heart,
We do collectively sing,
It permeates and resounds the ether through,
Hymns that adore and worship God,
Renditions selfless and sacred,
Faith, fervour and feelings,
Stream forth towards the Lord,
Creation then harvests,
Of accord,
So ample a reward…

Rama, Krishna, Allah, Buddha, Mahavir, Yeshu,
The Beloved One inspires us all to value,
Revealing That Absolute Truth,

God is One, Names are many,
Sing aloud for the enhancement of Humanity,
Enrich the consciousness and the environment too,
A loving brotherhood the Cosmos through,
Peace, Joy and Harmony,
A world sans negativity,
Come, let us join in too and emanate bliss,
You and me,
Lilting melodies that complement,
Synchronise and purify,
Let us forever remain in tune,
With each other,
And Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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