How Rich Are You, How Poor Am I ?

For a good harvest, you need the ideal manure, 
Or else the fruit remains raw, it never does mature…

A Merchant reached the Guru,
Exasperated was he to await his turn in the queue,
Wisdom he wanted just off the shelf,
So caught up was he with his little self,
What he learnt was not for him alone,
All of us can learn and discern,
From the evergreen seed the Master has sown…

When you are wealthy in terms of money,
You may perhaps be poor,
For when you lack Love and Compassion,
You are never rich for sure…

You may be ‘well-to-do’,
Ah! That aspect of affluence,
The definition of ‘doing well’ ,
Does spell,
Winning ‘objects and matter’ to you,
All things material you can so easily procure,
But when you lack patience,
Constantly being defeated by impatience,
Remember for a good harvest,
You need the ideal manure,
And so,

When the Divine Tenets you do not endure,
You, my child, are never rich for sure…

So you think you are prosperous,
It shows in the clothes you wear,
The cars that you drive,
Makes you feel sanguine about life,
But if you steer away from Forbearance,
And Arrogance replaces Tolerance,
How ever much you may yourself reassure,
You, dear one, are never rich for sure…

Oh! Surrounded by luxury and comfort,
Perhaps for which,
From you, there was not much effort,
Enjoying many a privilege,
Status and image,
But when Care, Concern and Sympathy,
Understanding, Consideration and Humility,
Selflessness, Kindness and Forgiveness, 

From every day living,
You do obscure,
When Gratitude is not your ‘style’ or attitude,
The fruit remains raw,
It fails to mature,
You, my dear, are never rich for sure…

How rich are you,
How poor am I ?
Akashic Records all ‘assets’ do declare,
For the journey of life a Karmic fare,
But with a smile on your face you can greet,
The Spiritual Balance Sheet,
When you tune in, absorb,
Breathe, live and comply,
With the Eternal Message,
Of Beloved Mother Sai…

About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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