Blessed Indeed Am I To Know God As Sathya Sai

“The entire Cosmos is a Temple,
And the Lord pervades the Cosmos…”
These words were uttered by Lips Divine,
The same Lord Who,
On Ananth Shesha does recline,
Who chose to be born at Puttaparthi,
He willed it so, you see,
For the upliftment of humanity,
A spectacular display from infancy itself,
Into the Divine Biography,
If you but delve,
Miracles and mystic happenings,
Tremendous joy it brings,
Oh! Where was I,
Why could I not witness,
Those wonderful childhood past times,
Of God as Sathya Sai…

Musical instruments played aloud,
On their own,
Whispering secrets mysterious and unknown,
Enveloped with rays shimmering blue,
Mother Eashwaramma’s womb,
Received the Divine Debut,
He willed His birth,
He chose to walk upon Earth,
And so accordingly He was born,
Temple bells pealed,
Heavenly music echoed in the ether,
In the early hours of the morn,
Celestial beings blew upon conch shells,
On that sacred dawn,
Oh! Where was I,
Why could I not witness,
Those celestial childhood past times,
Of God as Sathya Sai…

Worshipped was He with its first rays by the Sun,
Eashwaramma held her Cherubic Son,
Close to her heart,
Ananth Shesha appeared to play his part,
As He ‘grew’ to be Kondama Raju’s sole pride,
In His divine antics Puttaparthi did delight,
Oh! Where was I,
Why could I not witness,
Those glorious childhood past times,
Of God as Sathya Sai…

Ah! That wish fulfilling tree,
And those countless miracles,
On the blessed sands of the holy Chitravati,
Oh! That endearing sight of ‘little’ Sathya,
Going to school,
Bukkapatnam, Kamalapur, Uravakonda,
All hearts Sai Gopala continued to rule,
Karnam Subbamma, then the Old Mandir,
And finally Prashanti Nilayam,
Just to see Him,
Braving all odds from lands afar,
So many did come,
Leelas, Mahimas, Upadesh,
Ever so fluid the flow of His grace,
Concern, care, comfort and solace,
Removing anxiety and distress,
Enveloping all,
With the supreme power of Abhaya Hasta,
He does endlessly bless,
Oh! Where was I,
Why could I not witness,
Those astounding childhood past times,
Of God as Sathya Sai…

Perhaps I was there,
Perhaps I too had a ‘bit’ of my share,
Or else why does it all feel so familiar?
So very known why does it appear?
Why do I feel the way I do?
As though He is ‘Someone’,
The heart always knew?
It was never a ‘first meeting’,
When this life was blessed,
To receive of Him its foremost view,
Do you feel the same way too?
Perhaps I came back to witness some more,
Perhaps I knew there is so much more to know,
So much more in store,
Perhaps I too was a part of the early folk lore,
Once again a supreme benediction,
My way did come by,
Fate was generous to me, it did not deny,
To His call my soul did reply,
These eyes did those precious Lotus Feet espy,
Blessed indeed am I,
To know,
God as Sri Sathya Sai…
Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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