To You, I Say I Do…I Choose You…

I choose,
To live this life as You want me to,
I choose to live to please only You,
For me, You represent a Karmic Breakthrough,
Akin to a Cosmic Rescue,
With Your Presence equilibrium makes its debut,
I choose to look at things through a wide angle view,
I choose silence over a war of words,
To You, I say an abiding I do,

For, Beloved Mother Sai, I choose You…

I choose,
To fill every cell of my being,
With Your love and Your light,
I choose to keep Your words well within sight,
I choose the path of Peace,
Submitting all to You,
I now gently say an adoring enduring I do…to You,
For, Sweet Mother Sai, I choose You…

I choose Sathya, Dharma, Prema,
Shanti and Ahimsa too,
I choose to experience You,
In all that I do,
Living each second of the day in awareness anew,
A steadfast ‘I do’ unto You,

For, Loving Mother Sai, I choose You…

I choose to pledge every breath to You,
Along with an assurance, a dedication,
A word of honour too,
From You, I propose to take my cue,
To part ways with all that is untrue,
To all things negative I bid a glad adieu,
In every aspect, priorities I hasten to renew,
Thoughts, words and deeds well within purview,
Opening the doors of my heart without much ado,
I choose to know You,
In the Mineral, Plant and Animal world too,
I choose to sincerely follow You,
Eager am I to say I do,
For, Cherished Mother Sai, I consciously choose You…

You forever…Forever You…
A sight of You, Beloved Mother Sai,
Existence falls away…it’s a déjà vu,
From lifetimes through,
The world pales into insignificance,
Compared to You,
You forever…Forever You…
You love me…and I love You too…
You Forever…Forever You…
And so, is it any surprise to You,
My Beloved Mother Sai?

Oh! So naturally,
To You, I say an instant constant I do,

You, I do choose, I choose You…



About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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