The Heart Of The Mystics And Their Beloved One

The young renunciate held the feet of his Master and earnestly did plead, “Tell me more, Beloved One, I beseech You, tell me all that I need to know. Sow within my heart ‘that‘ seed that will intensify and increase the flow of my longing, I implore You, do tell me more.”

The Master’s eyes were limpid pools overflowing with love and His words opened vistas anew.

“Mysticism is an unfathomable bond with the Ultimate Essence. It cannot be pinned down. Yet it makes the heart smile.
That feeling of ‘je ne sais quoi’…
…it’s a sense of belonging to the One to Whom all things and beings belong…
…sans walls, fences, barriers of any kind…
…it’s a bridge that links each soul to the Sole Supreme…where each soul knows itself to be a bride of that Transcendental Groom…
…it’s a call in the core of the heart that cannot be explained but needs to be experienced… 
…it’s a thirst and hunger that nothing material can quench or satiate, that finds relief only in Divine Communion…
…it’s a mingling…a union…a blending of the Spirit with its Essence…”

The disciple soaked in these words, engraving it in every cell of his being as he heard the Master continue His marvelous description of the mystical.

“Mysticism reveals a deep link between human life and Nature…Creator and Creation…a bond that goes back in time…a deep knowing that the Source is ultimately One…and so this innate affinity with Nature which transcends all things finite…
… it is understanding the timelessness of time…and the infinity of space…though human beings knew time and space only in limited terms…it is an awareness that crosses over the barriers of time and space as known to a finite mind…
…it’s like the Sun and its rays…God is the Sun and the rest of creation are the rays and hence this feeling of Oneness with all the other rays which signified rest of creation.”

The young one could ‘feel’ the smile of the Wise One enveloping him as the elevating stream of profundity and perception flowed forth. He continued to gaze lovingly at his Master’s most endearing face.

 “…mysticism blends reason with spirituality ever so appealingly. 
…it is about Gratitude, Faith and Hope, 
…about Surrender, 
…about Trust in ‘that’ Supreme Essence;
…it’s about that knowledge ever so elusive which stirs the conscience with clouded memories; 
…it’s definitely about respect and reverence for Nature and Creation knowing each soul to be divine; 
…it is an evergreen tree…each branch sprouting fresh green leaves that longs for the transcendental and eternal;
…it’s a prayer for overcoming the fetters of separation created by the mind;
…it’s a Divine Romance…timeless and true…along lifetimes…donning different forms…
An Ultimate Saga…with time…of walking hand in hand with time, lest it passes by leaving only regrets and rue;
…a Celestial Rendezvous with Nature;
…with the Creator…
…knowing everything to be living and breathing…
…it’s a spirit of camaraderie and kinship…
…it’s that joie de vivre that comes out of an intrinsic ‘know’ that there is more to life,
…a yearning to experience it all the time and thus spilling forth into verse.”

Twilight waltzed in and the stars shyly shimmered, glancing at the Master and listening to His enchanting words.

 “Choose to see through the ‘eyes’ of the heart, little one, which lends the mind a feeling beyond compare.
Every particle then dances with Consciousness, vibrating and pulsating the Supreme Essence – be it the Sun, Moon or Dust.
Sun – the eternal flame…radiant and bright…that envelopes all with its golden hues…without any expectations…selflessly.
So too the Moon…chooses to emit soft, soothing gentle rays to help overcome the darkness of ignorance with the light beams of love…that embraces all as Divine – a right royal Cosmic Embrace.

…Music is the unsung song of the soul as it longs for Cosmic Communion. It sychronises the yearning and brings harmony of fulfillment in the bliss of union with the Divine.
Music is a realm of bliss untouched by the arid desert of reason.

Just as the One became the many…and waves played upon the bosom of the Ocean of Consciousness…life is a journey, my child, where each individual wave longs to travel back into Oneness with the Ocean.
Space epitomizes a sense of freedom…a touch of eternity…as close as close can be.

Fire represents an awakening…a deep instinctive knowledge of this Source and a sense of belonging.
Air is the breath of the Beloved One and forever are we inhaling His breath thus cementing this Eternal Link.
Water corresponds to the shower of His Pure Love that evermore does spill, swirl and surround us.
Earth symbolizes abundance…creativity at its zenith…a ceaseless unconditional giving that is akin to a reverential offering…that knows ‘nothing is mine to give and nothing is separate from me’!

Ah, my dear, what more shall I say? Just pray for this longing, even as I did when my Master heard my cry.
And so you are curious that I too had a Master, did I?
What can I say about the One Whom all the great ones yearn for and no words can describe, how much ever anyone might try, words spoken and written that could fill many a sky…through silence He taught me, even as a mute witness, with great awe time stood by…

…my Master is a gushing river of plenitude…abiding in truth, wisdom, love, compassion and bliss…ever flowing never dry…
…a cascade of bounteousness touching one and all beyond distinction, no one does He decry…
…a dazzling radiance Whose charisma and charm none can deny…
…before you ask let me enlighten you, dear child…my loving Master is Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai…
…perpetually do I dwell in Him, and so must you strive to be spry, and be a part thereby, of ‘that’ which all the true mystics experience all the time in the enchanting Presence of Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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