I Will Not Give You Up…Nor Can Anyone Of You Give Me Up

He is there but we see Him not,
Enamoured of the music of Enchantress Maya,
Entangled by her knot,
Caught in the overtures of illusion,
Overwhelmed by the proposition of delusion,
The windscreen of the mind,
Foggy and misty,
An unyielding veil that obstructs visibility,
Shallow desires continue to hide,
The most beloved vision of That Elusive Reality…

Do we really want to see Him, 
As much as we say we do?
Has the intensity reached a crescendo new?
Do our thoughts, words and deeds,
Match each other through and through?
Is there transparency in all the things that we do? 
Did we take that Beloved Form for granted, 
So much unspoken, ignored and neglected,
That Supreme Source, That Effulgent Light,
When It took on a form instead,

Benevolently and magnetically towards Itself,
With Selfless Love’s silken thread,

So gently our destiny drew,
Yet, weeds of prolonged procrastination grew,
Enmeshing and freezing until too late, 
The basic thought of ‘Its’ enormous and inconceivable  value…

Introspect and ask when silent and alone,
Introspect and ask beyond thoughts,
In the stillness after the Aum, 
Ask, beseech, beg, implore and plead, 
For Purity that will enhance the vision,
Enabling it to see, 
And to hear – 
That God given ability…

Deliberate, discriminate and see,
Yes, Bhagawan did say in a discourse,
Profound lines,
Cemented in His exalted biography,
Said He, way back on 21st October 1961,
“I am the Witness,
Come to set right the vision.”
He let all know that the mission had begun,
Rama and Krishna and Sai Baba appear different,
Because of the dress each has donned, 
But it is the selfsame entity, believe Me. 
Do not be misled into error and loss. 
The time will soon come,
When this huge building or even vaster ones,
Will be too small for the gatherings,
Of those who are called to this place. 
The sky itself will have to be the roof of the auditorium of the future; 
I will have to forego the car and even the aeroplane,
When I move from place to place, 
For the crowds pressing around them will be too huge; 
I will have to move across the sky; 
Yes, that too will happen, believe Me.

He further went on to state,
In every heart these words of truth did reverberate –
When the sun rises, 
All the buds of lotus in the lake, 
Will not open out in full bloom. 
Only those which are full grown can blossom so; 
The rest have to bide their time and grow. 
His grace is the right of all, 
But it can be won by Sadhana only.
I have started the work for which I have come down. 
I have collected the metal, the steel, the stones, the bricks. 
I have dug the foundation trenches – 
And the superstructure will rise soon. 
There can be no interruption. 
You will see thousands pressing along this road, 
Hundreds on every rock on these hills.
“Sarvathah Paani Paadhah” – “Hands and feet everywhere.” 
If you wail in agony, “Don’t You hear me?” 
My Ears are there to listen; 
If you pray from the depths of your heart, 
“Don’t You see my plight?” 
My eyes are there shedding grace on you. 
Get out of Maya and become Prema; 
Then you get Prema only from Me.

And then the entire gathering, it did continue to stun,
The sweet voice of the Beloved One,
“You will witness this Puttaparthi,
Becoming Mathura Nagari,
No one can stop this development or delay it,
I will not give you up,
Nor can anyone of you give Me up…
Even if you lose faith,
You will repent,
And come to this refuge very soon,
Clamouring for admission…
I shall be in this body,
For 58 years more,
I have assured you of this already,
Your lives are intertwined with My Earthly Career,
Act always in accordance,
With that great privilege…”

And so, let us keep His image and message,
Before our mind’s eye,
Let us ruminate, reflect, contemplate, meditate, and sigh,
Instantaneously with His words comply,
Let us appeal, reappeal, persist, insist, entreat and pray,
Cry out aloud for the grace, mercy and compassion of Beloved Mother Sai –
Oh! Lord, I pray Thee,
Shower upon me, Thy magnanimity,
Draw me towards Thee,
Grant my heart ‘that’ purity,
Lucid thoughts in the mind,
And in behavior – simplicity and sincerity,

Of vision that supreme clarity,
Stir me, My Lord, to love Thee in all that I see,
Oh! Beloved Bhagawan,
Kindly be visible unto me…”


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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