I And My Father Are One…And Bhagawan So Loves His Beloved Son.

Jesus of Nazareth,
The Son of God, Great Teacher,
Messiah, Prophet…
Just who was He,
And how did He come to be…?
Come, my dears, let us take a peep into history,
Absorb, reflect and beam His Story…

Archangel Gabriel appeared before Mary,
Sent by God to Nazareth,
A town in Galilee,
And so he spoke most eloquently,
Revealing to Mary that of which she had not a clue,
“Greetings, to you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.”

Mary was greatly troubled at his words,
She wondered what kind of greeting,
This might be,
But the Angel said to her,
“Do not be afraid, Mary,
You have found favor with God, you see,
You will be with child,

And give birth to a Son,
And you are to give him,
The name Jesus…”

And Angel Gabriel did continue thus,
“He will be great,
And will be called,
The Son of the Most High…”
In utter surprise Mary did sigh,
She was only just betrothed to Joseph,
Was she,
She wasn’t as yet married, you see,
Hesitatingly she asked of the Angel,
“How will this come to be…?”
The Angel answered ever so clearly,
“The Holy Spirit will come upon you,
And the power of the Most High,
Will overshadow you.
And so the Holy One,
To be born,
Will be called,
The Son of God.”

“I am the servant of the Lord,”
Mary did submit and answer,
“May it be unto me as you have said…”
Having conveyed the message,
The Angel left.

And so it came to be,
An Angel appeared to Joseph too promptly,
Removing his doubts gently,
Enlightening him that the child in the womb of Mary,
Was the light of the Holy Spirit glowing effulgently…

An official census there was to be,
And Joseph being from the line of David,
Had to return to his own city,
And so they set off to Bethlehem,
It so happened then,
Mary and Joseph couldn’t find a place to stay,
In a manger, Mary gave birth to that Divine Ray,
In accordance with what the Angel did suggest,
They gave their child the Name prophesised and blessed,
Jesus – the One who saves, Who delivers unto salvation,
And as His life did magnificently unfold,
He proved His Celestial Mould,
His Compassion touched all under the Sun,
And thus He came to be known,
As Christ – The Anointed One…

Like lost sheep, directionless was humanity,
The Lord sent His Son as a Shepherd,
And guide,
To bestow love unconditionally,
Knowing through all times,
He would so remain and be…
Indeed was He a Saviour,
Who proclaimed the presence,
And the words of His Father –
Why Fear When I Am Near,
Helping, assisting, teaching, healing, resurrecting,
All He did steer,
His utterances ever so wholesome and pure,
His glance gave an assurance of a permanent cure,
Incredible was His love,
And His Compassion unique,
Innate was His sympathy,
Phenomenal His kindness, care and mercy,
There were no exceptions to His Compassion,
His life proved to be ‘Love In Action’,
Only a true son of God could have a heart so tender,
Treading the path of complete surrender…

He showed us all how to bear the Cross,
How to leave behind all,
All that represents the gross,
“I and My Father are One”, said He,
Knowing and believing in it firmly,
Setting an example,
How all of us can be One with Beloved Swami,
The world would then benefit unfathomably,
“I and My Father are One”,
And Bhagawan so loves His Beloved Son,
Unique is the Compassion of Christ,
It enveloped the sick and infirm,
Those who were mentally unsound as well as those of ill fame,
Reaching even those that so erroneously did Him,
Condemn, renounce and blame…
None did He forsake,
Even with His last breath,
He forgave,
“Oh! Lord forgive them for they no not what they do,”
What an eternal lesson for me and you,
Ah! Let us pray for such compassion too,
His selfless love let us attempt to comprehend,
Let us pledge to honour His Divine Descend…

His coming to Earth,
His Immaculate Birth,
Let it infuse our life with value and worth,
Let us recognize this boundless love that knows no dearth,
Let the Compassion of Christ from within us flow,
A harmony so bounteous, may it grow,
In every human heart may it resound and echo,
Oh! What immense height humanity can attain,
Lending a touch of grace to our earthly domain,
May every atom know,
This immeasurable Compassion as its terrain,
So may we be blessed to retain, maintain and sustain,
Then let us say again and yet again,
Amen. Amen. Amen.


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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