Oh! 2012, It’s between Me and You and the Higher Self…

Oh! 2012 be kind,
Be gentle,
Facilitate us,
Even as we face a void phenomenal,
A grief ever so monumental…
Oh! 2012 be gentle,
Be kind,
Soothe our hearts and mind,
Assist us, be so inclined,
Send along tidings glad,
That would benefit entire mankind…
Help us trace and find,
That which is unconfined, well defined, and truly refined,
Oh! 2012 shows us a way to consciously realign,
Lead us on to delve,
In the realm of the Divine…

Oh! 2012, I offer you and myself, at Beloved Bhagawan’s cherished Lotus Feet, even as the dawn of your much awaited arrival, I do greet.
The ‘I’, ‘me’, and ‘myself’, here refers to all of Creation – the silent mineral world, sweetly perfumed flowers, creepers, plants and trees, insects, birds and bees, all animals both great and small, dainty ducks, graceful swans and cackling geese, mighty snow capped mountains and fertile fields, the Sun, Moon and the Stars, as well as fluffy clouds, the strong gale and the soft breeze, colourful aquatic creatures, gurgling brooks, refreshing waterfalls, rivers and the seas, the human race, as well as all beings the Universe through…Space, Air, Fire, Water, Earth too…together ‘I and me’ becomes ‘us’ and ‘we’…

For that ‘us’ the Cosmos through, upon the canvas of 2012, from Beloved Bhagawan, I seek Soft Strokes and Prolific Grace of Immeasurable Worth and an Abundance of which there is no dearth.

All of Creation, represents waves being tossed about upon the Ocean of Existence, the pendulum swings beyond pretense, each wave seeks the Merciful Shores of Compassion, so as to evolve through Expansion of Consciousness, that growth, that advancement, that comes only out of Constant Integrated Awareness and an Extension of Perception.

Oh! 2012, with palms joint in prayer and a soul deep in communion, Creation prays for you and itself, asking of the Higher Self – for thoughts, words and deeds, events, circumstances, experiences both individual and collective, which will gloriously reveal truth, express love, ensure peace, an expansion of consciousness, enhancing compassion, augmenting harmony, a spirit of amity, a cosmic fraternity…

Come let us pray, aesthetically comply, please the One Who always listens and is forever nearby, let our earnest intentions ring across the etheric sky –
Oh! Beloved Mother Sai,
We, Your children,
Long overwhelmingly to see You,
Till such a time You deem us worthy,
Of such an exclusive sight,
Till the moment is blessed and right,
Award us a deep insight,
May we soak in the delight of Thy radiant light,
May we be permitted to delve,
And sustain the bliss of Thy Formless Self…

Oh! Loving God Most High,
Beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
We yearn and yearn to hear You,
That unforgettable distinct voice,
That does within us divine feelings imbue,
Though we know we are never without You,
Until You allow us to so do,
Of Thy silence ever so profound, explicit and meaningful,
Grant us an understanding accurate and true…

Oh! Most Cherished Divine Mother,
We want You and none other,
You we have solely chosen as our Friend, Guide,
Father and Mother,
Interactions with You is our soul’s sole desire,
Bless us that it should so transpire,
Come reveal Yourself to us all,
Even as we await from Thee,
An assenting response, yielding to our adoring call,
Our forceful plea, intent and intense,  
Permit us until then,
To rejoice in the joy of Thy Omnipresence…

Children of Mother Sai, Brothers and Sisters the Universe through – A ‘Sai Conscious’ 2012 to all of you.  Consciously aware of  Sai may all be, may His love flow to you and through you too…may He reveal Himself to You and through you…
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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