With A Glint Of Orange Forever Resplendently Lit Is That Space Within

When troubles overwhelm,
And you feel trapped in a dark, bottomless pit,
Look into your heart,
There is a space there forever resplendently lit…

When you face a challenge,
That loops and looms insurmountable,
Lost and alone, you seem to lose courage,
Halt for a moment,
Peep into that space,
Your divine heritage it will help trace,

It will soothe your nerves…make you stable,
Proficiency enable,
Make you feel able,
To take on any challenge,
Simply be with your breath and that light,
That light within that glitters and glows with a glint of orange…

When you are gripped with anxiety and fear,
That life will never be the same,
When the blame game does your psyche maim,
When you have given your best,
Yet trying times continue to plague and test,
When due to some quirk of fate,
Dear ones turn ingrate,
When environment turns hostile and strange,
When solutions seem way out of range,
When you find yourself on the tip of the iceberg,
From beneath you is being pulled the rug,
When you wonder how much more is there to endure,
Feeling trifle insecure,
When you are on uneven terrain,
Facing a physical, emotional, psychical drain,
When at the receiving end of abuse and tirade,
When painful memories don’t seem to recede or fade,
Simply voyage within,
With each breath ever so gently,
It requires no mediation,
Nor any negotiation,
Life becomes a continuous meditation… 

This journey certainly needs no reservation,
A mere focus on the breath bestows,
Insulation as well as Inspiration,
Your own breath delivers you,
Into the bosom of the Light within,
The Effulgent Light that represents the Sai in you,
Forever radiating and waiting to grant you Illumination,
Resuscitation, Discrimination, Identification,
Protection, Motivation, Transformation,
Restoring a balance, an Equation,
Rehydrating, Clarifying, Reorienting,
Replenishing a determination,
A Refueling Station for Energy, Courage and Confidence,
That is your due,
Peace, Love, Sense of Purpose, Strength ever new,
All you need to do,
Is to draw this light around you,
Bask in it with every breath,
In this most iridescent light with the orange glint…

Ah! Then commences that inexplicable stint,
That interminable link,
That takes you to the brink,
That reveals to you the real you,
The breath reaches you to the light,
And the light discloses the life breath that is you,
An unveiling that re-launches and reconnects too,
Your breath to that sacred space within,
Which is with a glint of orange resplendently lit,
At all times this proves to be your strongest ally,
Prophets, sages and seers,
So too have profited thereby,
This axiomatic truth does circumstances belie,
For the mingling of the breath and light,
Indisputably epitomises Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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2 Responses to With A Glint Of Orange Forever Resplendently Lit Is That Space Within

  1. Vidhi says:

    This is simply beautiful! 🙂 Thank you

  2. Sai Art says:

    I have no words to explain..My silence..is an answer….just love within…
    humble bow
    Aum Sairam

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