Dearest Father…Precious Mother…Beloved Gurudeva…

At Your Cherished Lotus Feet,
Love I do pour,
All the love,
That I do feel,
Only due,
To Your Presence in every cell of my being…

Your love does flood,
Each atom,
Cruising along,
Every drop of blood,
Oh! Gurudeva, there is only You,
The soul knows no other,
Mother, Father,
Sister, Brother,
Friend, Beloved,
Truly nearer than all that is near,
Dearest of the dear,
The only source of Joy,
That’s what You are,
Immortal Perennial Nectar…

To That Supreme One,
On this sacrosanct Makar Sankranti day,
I do sincerely pray,
Even as the Sun,
Its northward journey,
Does fuel,
May I be channeled along a passage beyond the dual,
Serene, equanimous, equipoised and spiritual…

So guide me, Dearest Father,
Steer my every step –
Direction, Beloved Father,
Set me on the path,
That leads to You,
Equip me with all that’s required,
Knowledge, Reason, Strength, Balance,
Awareness and Will,
You are all I have got,
Upon the Ocean of Existence to remain afloat,
And I need You, Dear Father,
I do need Your support…

So hold me, Precious Mother,
In Your arms tenderly,
Clasp me to Your bosom,
Soothing, calming, indulgently,
That I may know and be,
Oh! So safe and secure,
Teach me to endure,
Your child am I,
A mere fledgling in the spiritual world,
Hold my hand,
Lift me up, Dear Darling Mother,
Show me how to walk courageously,
Through the known and unknown,
Be the wind beneath my wings,
Teach me to fly on my own…

From the dark tunnel of illusion and ignorance,
Lead me into Truth and Light,
Understanding and Insight,
I do,
In my heart Adore and Enshrine,
Come, Sweet Mother, make me Thine,
Anoint me with Your love,
That I may exude Your fragrant loving rays,
Knowing a Universal Oneness,
Through each moment of all my days…

Oh! Most wondrous Light,
Supreme Soul of the Cosmos,
Mystical Merciful Master Most High,
Glorious Gurudeva,
Beloved Mother Sai,
Transform my fears and tears to Conviction,
Confidence, Poise, Belief,
And Faith that does all things else override,
Stir me on to eradicate the I,
The arrogance and pride,
Oh! Eternal Gurudeva, my Loving Guide,
Whisper the Timeless Truth,
In my waiting ears,
That I may,
Say what I mean and mean what I say,
While embracing Your way,
Putting Your teachings into practice,
Come what may,
Let me feel and bask in Your presence,
Whether night or day,
Swirling through waking, sleeping,
Dreaming and deep sleep ballets…

Oh! Sweet Cosmic Heart,
Fill me with Thy Love – so I might be love,

Fill me with Thy Peace that I may,
Emanate Thy melodic Harmony,
That envelopes all constantly,
Fill me with Thy Compassion,
That I may be ever so Kind,
Fill me with Thy Forgiveness that I may Pardon easily,
Fill me with Thy Patience that I may be Tolerant,
Fill me with Thee,
So I may at all times,
Whatever may the circumstance be,
Reflect only Thee,
Knowing all to be extensions of Thee,
Grant me, I implore Thee, this Conscious Awareness of Thee…

Oh! Most Gentle One,
With eyes more beauteous,
Than a lotus in full bloom,
Oh! Adorable Mother of mine,
The celestial melody of Thy voice,
None can define,
Oh! Most Prized Treasure of my soul,
I am certain You listen and watch over me,
And when I offer my sincere,
And intense efforts unto Thee,
I know in all that I do,
As well as silent moments through,
You will grant my plea,
You will be visible unto me…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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