The Dust Of Your Cherished Lotus Feet

I woke up with a feeling of alarm,
Tightly clenched was my right palm,
I wondered why?
Also did I wonder –
Why did I wake up,
With my own anguished cry?
I tried to recollect what disturbed my reverie –
I could hear voices loud,
I was one of a crowd,
A car was speeding by,
A car in which travelled Beloved Mother Sai…

The crowd chased after the car,
I remained where I was,
Watching from afar,
I cried out – ‘Stay, Don’t go,
Let us savour some more moments with You’,
But the car soon disappeared from view,
With flashing tail lights,
It vanished from sight,
I bent down to gather the dust,
From that hallowed ground,
Even as my cry did the air encompass and surround…

Why did You have to go away so swiftly,
Leaving me bereft and hollow,
As hollow as hollow can be,
Each drop of tear carries an image of You,
Along with a special memory,
As I recall moments,
The eyes turn moist,
The heart dry,
Times when You would gently glide by,
The touch of Your robe a tender caress,
Oh! Mother what I feel for you,
Words can never express,
I seek a response to my distress…

Veda chanting rings through the air,
To the door of Yajur Mandir,
My gaze remains glued,
I intently stare,
Willing You to step out,
In answer to every heart’s prayer,
Bhajans soulful and intense do their share,
Intonations truly beyond compare,
The tempo restores that sentiment rare,
You are, You have to be, You are there,
A miracle will Your precious Presence declare…

I will dream a dream of my own,
With intent and will,
In reality –
The dream will soon be known,
A dream is a longing,
A yearning,
An intense thought… 
To put my cherished dream,
In Cosmic light and colour,
Is all that I have got,
To dream of the Paramatma,
And make Him come into view,
Is the individual soul’s only hope,
Dreams have an eternal scope,
If I don’t dream,
How will my dreams come true?
So I will exercise my right to dream,
For –
To dream is to visualize creatively,
I will dream with depth, clarity and certainty,
Adding a dimension extraordinary,
The Cosmos will manifest it for me visibly,
So pronounced the Learned Ones explicitly,
Words of yore from my Father in the subconscious ring out clearly,
You are the maker of your own destiny, bangaru”,
And my destiny, sweet Mother Sai,
As well as destination,
Is undoubtedly You…
Forever You…

You are the Lord of the Universe,
The Cosmic laws are made by You,
There is nothing You cannot do,
There is nothing beyond You,
There is nothing but You,
Until such a time that You grant me,
What I seek of You,
I will inhale and hold,

Close within,
Empower, entreat, plead and repeat,
With every heartbeat,
My dream, my hope, my joyous belief,
Along with the dust of Your cherished Lotus Feet…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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