You Are My Love, Beloved Mother Sai, You Are My Life…

Your love is a celestial souvenir,
Your love ensures You are always near,
Your love draws me to You,

As it was eternally meant to do… 

Reflecting on the times gone by,
With mixed feelings do I sigh,
Holding close within, Precious  Mother Sai,
Sweet memories of You,
A bouquet of love fragrant and true,
Clasping nothing else…but You…

A Mother and child,
A love so palpable,
No distance can divide,
Though to be in Your physical presence,
Frequently have I yearned and cried,
And You have always revealed Your presence by my side,
Often have I known Your familiar stride…
I close my eyes Your presence floats to me,
Your love so steadfast,
Enveloping me,
Your response so stirring,
Making my heart experience that joy of Spring…

In Your arms You do me enclose, Mother Divine,
Gathering me near,
Whispering gently in my ear,
You make me realize –
Imagining a distance – a veil I did rear,
Your love a ceaseless celestial souvenir…
You are always close,
Intensity did it so compose,
Though unseen it continues to exist,
The umbilical cord,
Between me and You,
Between the individual and the Super Soul,
Through and through…

The mother who gave birth to this body,
Treasured Your picture in her heart,
As she carried me in her womb,
So when these eyes had their first glance of You,
It felt like déjà vu,
That instant recognition a soul can never misconstrue,
A something inexplicable that said,
I know You’,
And the heart gave itself up to You,
Since then, Dearest Mother Sai,
Its been only You,
I love You, Beloved One, I love You,
I really do,
What’s more is that – I know You love me too…

Your love, Sweet Mother,
Gives me confidence,
Your love radiates through sound and silence,
Your love fills me with courage,
Ever subtle, sure and sage,
An immeasurable Ocean,
Whose depth none can fathom or gauge,
Your love makes me want to reflect You,
And be Your mirror image too…
Your love makes me take that one step forward,
Undaunted, unfettered, undeterred,
Your love enables me to know You are God,
A glance from You – my sole reward,
Your love makes me not want to look back,
Your love makes me feel there is nothing that I lack,
Your love encourages,
Instilling positivity,
A kind of unusual certainty,
Your love makes me want to reach out,
Leaving no room for derision or doubt,
Your love is a soothing balm,
Exuding peace, restoring calm,
Your love removes inhibitions and qualms,
Your love steadily transforms, rectifies and reforms,
Your love provides shelter,
From all upheavals and storms,
Your love inspires me to emulate You,
Your love makes me kind and loving too,
Your love uncannily shows the way,
Ensuring from the path of values I never stray,
Your love draws me to You,
As it was eternally meant to do,
Your love gives meaning to life, Precious One,
Your love is my life,
You are my love, Beloved Mother Sai,
You are my life…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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