Educare – Beyond Space & Time…

…releasing the hidden potential…
through values essential…
If you care for the vital ‘you’…
Educare is for you…
Children are tiny cosmic buds,
Looking for room,
Waiting to bloom,
To embrace the Universe,
Ever so unique and diverse,
With delicate essence distinct and rare,
Singular, exceptional, extraordinaire,
Once they have flowered and grown,
Each blossom exudes a fragrance their very own…

There is a star hidden in every child,
Yearning to come to the fore,
Educare brings out this hidden luster,
From deep within the core,
Making each star shine bright,
Emitting its own inner ray of light…

Can a plant survive without the light of the Sun?
Is sunlight of any significance without chlorophyll?
Of what use a life sans values instilled?
Can you get a good yield if the land is not tilled?
Life without ethics is a riverbed minus water,
Flowers with no fragrance to mention or refer,
A day devoid of the light of the Sun,
A night sky where stars there are none,
A fertile field turned barren due to gross neglect,
To the self within total disrespect,
A dark and dingy tunnel with no end,
Living a life of values helps you transcend,
Where you don’t just exist,
You begin to live,
Where you don’t remain a mere statistic,
Given in to ways materialistic,
Beloved Bhagawan showed us a path altruistic,
Bequeathing education with a sparkle holistic,
So fluid is His grace,
So absolute His mercy,
Saving the world from despair,
From a system of learning,
That shows how to earn a living,
But is devoid of care,
To prepare…to make us constantly aware,
He bequeathed upon us – Educare…

If every mother does her share,
If every father with intent does spare,
Some time for his heirs,
If every adult the onus, is willing to bear,
If every teacher nurtures this inherent natural flair,
Each child will be enveloped with the immense virtues,
Of Educare…
EDUCARE is beyond space and time,
…releasing the hidden potential…through values essential…
If you care for the vital ‘you’… …Educare…is not only for all children,
Educare is for you…
Educare reveals a finer you,
Educare revels and celebrates –
Care for life,
Concern for nature,
Respect and reverence the Cosmos through,
Ethics and values worthy and true,
Educare makes the world a better place,
Educare sets Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa ablaze,
Educare is the flow,
Of Beloved Bhagawan’s ceaseless grace…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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