And…You Found Me

For a moment I lost sight of me,
For a moment the world ensnared me,
For a moment darkness engulfed me,
For a moment the ground began to cave in around me,
Yet, there never was a moment,
Nor is there a moment now,
When Your gaze did not and does not continue to linger on me…

Many a time I felt the earth shake beneath me,
Many a time challenges were enormous for me,
Oh! So many a time, time raced ahead of me,
Leaving me a trifle shaken, but never lonely,
For never was there a time,
Nor will there ever be,
When You, Beloved One, are not beside me…

When I hit rock bottom on the Ocean of Existence,
You, Beloved Mother Sai, You carried me…

With each jolt,
With each thunderbolt,
With each revolt,
Each lesson in time became a Sculptor’s tool,
I dedicated my existence to only One Person’s rule,
Hammer, mallet, chisel and claw,
Ever so often wounded and raw,
Right through the sculpting process,
You helped me put up a board –
Be patient, Work in progress’,
Only from You, all strength I did and do draw,
You enthuse me to follow that Primary Universal Law,
That drenches every atom in an aura of pink,
That gives every soul its essential link,
That helps one do a volte face,
Keep pace,
The journey of life re-trace,
Love, love, love  –
Your sublime grace,
Did re-introduce me to love,
As my base,
In that moment that I thought I was lost,
You orchestrated a new beginning for me,
Even before I began my search,
You found me,
All along Your beauteous Lotus Eyes,
Were watching over me,
Waiting and watching,
However much I might have strayed,
Your gaze was committed to me,
Unswervingly fixed upon me…

And so it is right now too,
Every moment in time,
Each timely moment through,
You found me,
Before I even knew,
What exactly I was looking for,
And I found in You,
My Cosmic Destiny,
A Sacrosanct Legacy,
Bestowed upon me,
Oh, so abundantly,
Only by Thy grace alone,
And the smiling gaze of Eternity…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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