I Long To Come To You

Hither and thither did I search,
Looking for a vantage point upon which to perch,
Jostling crowds edging ahead,
Chasing Your chariot as far as I could get,
So much I wanted to say, so much left unsaid,
Always rushing hoping I am not too late,
Your loving glance the only bait,
When I race to reach You,
When I sprint towards You,
When I rush enroute to You,
Full of longing to come to You,
I don’t hold anything in my hand,
Nothing material planned by the mind of man,
From You I understand,
All You need from me is what I hold in my heart…

Love – that work of art,
That seeks to be defined,
Through every thought, word and deed,
This is the kind of love for which my soul does plead,
When I become this unconditional love,
And when this selfless love becomes me,
There and then will end this hide and seek,
Unique colours will overcome times bleak,
I wouldn’t need to rush to You,
To sprint, blink, dash and hurry,
For You will come to me,
The hurry will become a hurray,
A change of script in this divine play,
Rue and regrets into congratulations anew,
Eternal celebrations the Universe through,
My ignorance blurred my vision of You,
Now, my thoughts dance to a different tune,
‘My Beloved Mother will be with me soon’,
So much love I receive from You, I do,
I pray that I may be more and more deserving of You,
Only then will You be known to me,
Though I am aware every moment You are with me…

Fill me with Your compassion, tolerance, forgiveness and mercy,
Fill me with Thee,
Bless me with that pristine purity,
That will make You come to me,
Be visible,
Creation needs You,
Fill us all with that aesthetic quality,
Give meaning to this Cosmic Journey,
Enchanting chapters to be ensconced with awe in the arms of history,
I long to come to You,
Come, Beloved One, so I can come to You…
We can come to You…
We long for You…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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