All You Need From Me Is What I Hold In My Heart

Swami is interested only in the heart of the individual. – Sri Sathya Sai Baba

So, what is it that I hold in my heart?
Let me begin, let me start,
To really look within –
To decipher, check, analyse,
To face the truth and realize,
What is it that my heart does hold?
Has it been able to sustain its divine mould?
Or has material longing and physical ties,
Along with worldly desires, wants and cries,
Perforated its inherent pristine quality?
Have I lost sight of the real me?
What room is there for the Beloved One,
In a heart full of strife?

Shouldn’t attempts be made,
To stabilize the pendulum swing of life?
When I face the truth, the conflict within is half won,
No variance immense that can’t be undone,
Life has meaning only when I please Mother Sai,
For that, I need to undersize the ‘I’,
The Luminous One, is not pleased with outward pomp and show,
Being All Knowing, clearly visible is our very core,
All that does stem from the poisonous fangs of the ego,
It is time enough to shed the shallow and superficial,
To shun all that has no ethical appeal,
Fill every cell with unity, harmony and camaraderie,
If I listen to the voice of my conscience,
I will hear this plea…

Darkness is born due to absence of light,
Hatred cannot find place when love is within sight,
Anger overtakes when expectations arise,
Arrogance subtly does itself disguise,
Do I shock myself or awake in awe and a feeling of surprise?
Must I squirm to think what my heart does hold?
Or am I confident every heartbeat,
Outvalues the worth of gold,
Do I know I do not please the Beloved One with fanfare,
Material exhibit, crude display of wealth, pageantry,
Spectacle and ceremony?
But with soft little strokes, the gentle fragrance of love and care,
Along with its marvelous counterparts beyond compare…

All that the ever Blissful Mother,
My Divine Comrade,
My Cosmic Companion wants of me,
Is what I hold in my heart…
Beloved Mother Sai, today, this very moment, I offer You, what You want, what I hold in my heart, I offer You…my heart, with a pledge to keep it ever fresh, pristine and true…Oh! Beloved One…It’s You I unearth in my heart…even as I cleanse and purify…and so, I offer You…You!!!
“Swami is interested only in the heart of the individual.”
Your words echo and does me woo,
It banishes the vices and disentangles the virtues,
You, Precious One are the most priceless jewel,
Nothing else will do,
This moment forth,
My heart has to hold only You…
All that You want is what I hold in my heart,
Oh! Cosmic Heart, my heart holds onto You,
My heart holds You,
Every heartbeat echoes You,
Only You.


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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