Hedoms, Dumans…Me And You…

Watching many a soul on our wondrous planet freelance,
Any prejudice,
Some new words were coined by my mind today-
Hedoms and Dumans;
Humanimals and Anumans,
Hedoms are beings –
Earth beings with predominant Demonic traits,
Its apparent in their gait;
Whereas, Dumans are demons exhibiting human qualities,
With no one in sight to please…
To realize this you do not need to be astute –
Humanimals are humans with animal attributes;
Anumans are animals displaying human and humane characteristics,
The Lord took the form of Hanumanji to demonstrate this…

You may in spite of difficult terrains go on pilgrimages,
You may extend salutations to deities and images,
Offer flowers and fruits with utmost devotion,
You may do a whole lot of dhyan and dharana,
Meditation and contemplation;
You may address an august congregation,
Gather a position,
Of eminence,
Of prominence,
Fame as a man of wisdom, of experience, of knowledge,
A Gyani of words ever so sage;
You may give yourself an ‘A’ Grade,
Think you wear a halo around your head,
You may otherwise be known as very, very close to God,
But only the Conscience would know the fraud,
Whether and if you are really working for the Lord…

Do you really follow His precepts,
Or narrow outlooks lead to lopsided attempts?
Ask, Ask, Ask,
Take yourself to task,
Shake yourself up,
Spill out the pretense,
You absolutely must –
Find out if you really are being just…

How can you see Him in one and not the other?
Treat one category as a foe and another as a brother,
When you are partial,
You are far separated from the real,
Find out now, before it’s too late,
To berate your own fate;
For sure do yourself this immense favour,
It is time to churn up the very core,
The truth about yourself,
You do deserve to know,
Don’t you think so?
What do you so smugly portray?
Find out, seek guidance, pray,
Because you have received a lot of grace,
Lest even a bit gets washed away,
The inner self it is time to face…

I owe it to Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai,
To do my best for Him,
I owe it to Beloved Gurudeva,
My contracted views to trim,

I owe it to Precious Mother Sai,
Indeed I do,
If I consider myself as His instrument true,
If I want to be His instrument at all,
I must Love ‘All’, Serve ‘All’;
To not restrict my love and compassion,

To only a select few,
To steer clear from being mean to certain species,
Riddled with contraries and hypocrisies,
I owe it to Him to fully absorb when He does speak, say and tell –
‘Help Ever, Hurt Never;
If You Cannot Help, Do Not Hurt or Stop Others From Helping;
Eashwara Sarvabhutanam,
I Am In Every Heart, That Is The Temple Where I Dwell…”

Innumerable messages from our Lord,
True life examples too,
Gifts and Grants,
Boons and Blessings,
The pain of any being is His pain,
So too, He exults in the joy of all creatures,
What have we understood of Him, if we have not grasped this much?

Planet Earth is living, breathing,
Smarting and hurting,
The onus is on the ‘Human’ and ‘Humane’ in each soul,
To lead,
To plead,
To expand in love;
To do away with Hedoms, Dumans and Humanimals through,
To learn from Anihumans, from Anumans,
To assimilate and imbibe His oft repeated message,
To gain an insight, a glorious and golden view,
Of us – me and you…

The Master is waiting,
The you inside of you is waiting,
Mother Earth is waiting,
The Cosmos is waiting too…
The heart with any kind of animosity has no room for the Divine,
Isn’t this true?
The ever expanding World of Sai is waiting for ‘that’ you,
Again a question of poisoned arrows or scented flowers,
Aimed at the Most Cherished Beloved One,
So much does He take upon Himself,
Today, 28th March 2012,

Of all days, today,
Without much ado,
On bigoted, intolerant views put a curfew,
Let there be a glorious breakthrough,
A golden me and you –
The true Bangaru,
A golden Prashanti Nilayam the globe through,
It all depends on me and you,
You agree, don’t you…?


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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