A Divine Sequence For A Peaceful Coexistence

Everything in Nature does in harmony co-exist,
Yet unique and perplexing is the human characteristic,
And ever so unswerving too,
Being the only beings that consistently resist,
Yet persist,
Ignorantly disregarding the stirrings of the soul,
That tires of remaining confined to narrow thinking,
Seeking immediate parole,
From –
Striving solely for self-serving benefits,
Personal indulgences that do vainglory cajole,
Leaving it till too late the Essence to console,
Giving in to the senses,
Steering Away From A Peaceful Coexistence…

A Peaceful Coexistence goes hand in hand with Ahimsa,
For all life forms –
Respect, reverence, concern and care,
So, what does Ahimsa mean to you?
And what kind of view does Care spell for you?
Do yourself a favour, lay your feelings bare,
Have the courage to answer your own questionnaire,
Of feelings fraternal, sororal, kindred and amicable,
Of Compassion, dare to be a multimillionaire…

Understanding God’s presence in all beings is Ahimsa,
In the yonder twinkling star,
In that tender bud that blossoms into a flower,
Plant, bird, animal or human,
That Transcendental Verve,
That does none disbar,
But flows through all at par,
Through that tiny blade of grass;
Overcoming disharmony and any kind of crevasse,
And man-made psychical impasse,
Ahimsa helps surmount and surpass,
Beyond boundaries and fences,
Prejudices, Pettiness and Pretenses, 
Where an ethereal universal lens, 
Takes over the screen of life,
Aesthetically and ethically pervading the senses five,
Enhancing a perception, 
Though intrinsic yet rusted and rare – 
‘Don’t we all breathe in the same air?’

Caretakers of the Universe are we,
We need to do our share,
Together we outline our destiny as His Cosmic Heir,
Constant Awareness of the Real Entity,
Is the true meaning of Care…

This planet is meant for Peaceful Coexistence,
It is the mind of man that has made it dark and dense,
Terrorism, explosives, crime and wars,
Grabbing and hoarding,
‘What is mine remains mine and is never yours’,
While the lay person suffers and endures,
The very reason for the Advent of the Absolute,
In a magnificent Divine Sequence,
That Supreme Effervescence,
Tread forth clad in a simple kafni,
Upon the blessed soil of Shirdi,

And thence at Parthi willed Himself to incarnate,
Its brilliance in flaming orange robes choosing to condense,
To enhance Sathya, Dharma, Prema, Shanti and Ahimsa,
All that leads to a Peaceful Coexistence, 
Truly then a Nilayam Prashanti,
Wherever one maybe,
Any individual heart, home, society or country,
A connection, a fusion that bonds globally,
And Cosmically,
That heart feeling of harmony and sync,
Camaraderie and oneness,
And unconditional love that stems from purity and innocence,
Letting it be known that –
Compassion is never an offence,
A core sensitivity, a congenial persistence…

Understanding God’s Presence In Every Being Is Ahimsa,
The same atma links all of Prakriti to Paramatma,
The same string that forms a garland of Creation,
Offered thence,
At the Lotus Feet of the Creator,
An absolute link to Sathya, Dharma, Shanti and Prema,
Constant Awareness of the Real Entity,
Essentially representing Care,
It involves Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Bringing home Sathya – the truth,
Through a Peaceful Coexistence,
Between not only me and you,
But all beings the Cosmos through…

Are we ready for Ahimsa?
To see God in all Beings wherever we are,
Are we ready for Care –
Constant Awareness of the Real Entity,
Wherever we maybe,
To sow the seeds of a Peaceful Coexistence individually?
By now surely we should be willing and ready,
We owe this to the Beloved One,
You and me certainly,
Personally and collectively,
For attracting that Most Beloved Presence,
That Divine Sequence,
Let us intensify efforts to bring about a Peaceful Coexistence… 


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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