What Can I Say About My Beloved Mother Sai…

Bhagawan hears every prayer before it leaves your lip,
He knows each word,
And responds even before you write it…
These words did ring in my ears childhood through,
I did ponder and think –
Isn’t this what is meant by a Direct Link?
Isn’t this what a closest ally is supposed to do –
So as to reach out to you…?

Ever so many decades later these words still hold true,
He remains the closest, most Beloved Friend I ever knew…

So I ask Him this and I ask Him that,
Speaking out my mind,
And that is a fact,
In a myriad way right through the day,
I receive a reply,
From my Mother, Who is also my Finest Friend,
Who has remained so, as time does fly,
What can I say about my Beloved Mother Sai…

Always astoundingly all encompassing,
All that is earthly, entirely surpassing,
Vast and limitless,
Never ever confined, ever boundless,
That magnificent Form, sacrosanct and extraordinaire,
Innate finesse and legendary flair,
Expressing ceaseless Omnipresence, Omnipotence, Omniscience,
An Appearance so full of humane care,
Hitherto unknown and touchingly rare…

When the Formless Supreme does a Form adorn,
Never even in a minuscule way is His reach ever shorn,
He remains infinite encircling all,
Personally addressing every distress call,
Soothing, smoothing restoring calm,
Such is the truth, beauty, supremacy,
Gentle grace and unconditional love of Beloved Bhagawan…

He taught me that life has meaning,
Only if it helped add meaning and substance,
To another’s life;
And that any individual’s presence,
Should be a source of joy to one and all,
And never a cause of strife…
Words that hint of a Unique Harmony,
Of a Peaceful Co-existence in epochs gone by,
Leading to a query that does formulate and emerge,
From the core to the fore,
For me to ask my dearest Friend and closest Ally,
My Beloved Mother Sai –
Why? Why? Why?
Why can’t it be so too now?
The field of our life how should we plough?
I know You are listening,
You have always done so,
I know You will answer,
You will hear my knock and open the door,
I need Your response ever more…

I am not alone when I ask this of You,
This is not a normal requirement I know this too,
This is not what is normally asked of You,
I ask not for objects of entertainment,
Nor withdrawal of any sickness or ailment,
Coveting material gains, property,
Nor mere petty, paltry trivia,
I seek the fulfillment of Sathya,
The re-dawn of the age of Truth,
Overriding chaos, conflict and dispute,
That Golden Era which will add meaning to life,
Eliminating strife,
When time will don the garb of understanding and harmony,
Of purity, equality and a well defined serendipity –
Fulfilling the promise of a Peaceful Co-existence,

That grace immense of Providence…

Why tears, scorn, friction and faction,
When there can be laughter, reverence for all life,
And divine accord,

Hear my plea, my sweet Lord…

The only way to escort in Universal Harmony,
Seems to be through,
The incessant proclamation of –
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu,
Guide us along we implore You,
Such a period of Cosmic Amity,
Overcoming any and all animosity,
Can be ushered in wholly with intense personal intent and attempt,
The emergence of burgeoning humaneness,
Along with an expansion of consciousness,
That Supreme Benediction,
With which only You can Humanity bless…

Beloved Mother Sai,
You hear every prayer before it reaches the lip,
You know every word and feeling,
Before a heart expresses it,
That wondrous Form always retained the Infinite Formless reach,
Come be revealed unto us, I do You beseech,
Generations to come will,
In hushed tones,
Speak of what their forefathers experienced and knew,
Come, envelope us in Your hallowed hue,
Glide us into times glorious and true,
Samastha Lokaah Sukhino Bhavantu…
For such a coming only upon You can we rely,
Oh! What can I say about You,
My adoringly cherished Beloved Mother Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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