Even As We Wait

Even as we wait,
For the homecoming,
Of Beloved Mother Sai,
For a re­-run of moments,
The heart-beats can once again,
Whisper joyously,
‘My Baba is here,
Oh! My Baba and I…’
We can draw in our fate,
As we wait to congregate,
In that Adored Presence…

Let us excel, 
Even as we wait…

Even as we await,
That exalted state,
For fate to reinstate,
Glances and glimpses,
Of The Beloved One,
Who does ceaselessly enchant,
And forever fascinate;
For the Benevolent Will of our Lord –
To recreate,
Yet again,
That glorious realm,
That emphatically does state,
‘My Baba and I,
Oh! That nearness of sweet Mother Sai…’
Where the ‘I’ does relate –
To all of Creation…
To the Cosmos should this ‘I’ equate,
And collate,
Even as we wait…

Even as we wait,
Let us stay clear of any kind of discussions,
And debate,
In silence must we ruminate,
Listen in to the heart,
Just what does it dictate,
Think, ponder, deliberate,
Allow Consciousness to expand,
Compassion to dilate,
And the grime of ego,
Restrain, withdraw, banish and negate,
Vitiate, annul, nullify and annihilate…
Even as we wait…

Even as we wait…
Let us,
With the essence of Love –
The Globe,
So also,
All Cosmic Spheres,
To herald in,
That much awaited time,
The passage to and through,
The Golden Gate,
Our ways must we enhance,
Suffuse it with Prema,
For the proclamation of Sathya…
Even as we wait… 

Even as we wait,
All actions into pure love,
Must we translate,
Goodwill for all,
Is what we need to actuate,
For the era of Truth and Harmony to come by,
To live in accord,
To exclaim in delight,
At the sight of our Lord,
Declare aloud with the spirit soaring high –
‘My Baba and I’
Then repeat in exaltation and glee,
‘Oh! Indeed grateful am I,
Beloved Mother Sai…
Your words alone did fill me with Faith,
For You –
Even as I did wait…’

Even as we wait,
For ‘that’  moment,
Let us prepare ourselves,

Be worthy and up-to-date,
It is within us to draw in and attract our fate,
As we yearn intensely to congregate,
With great awe,
In that Adored Presence,

Let us excel, ponder and ruminate,
Upon the One with Whom,
Our bond,
Has always ever been immediate,
Let us wonder, question,
Speculate and meditate,
Just how we can please,
Our Beloved Soul Mate,
Let us do this much,
Dear brothers and sisters,
Even as we wait…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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