We Will Soon Know The Sathya Of Sai

The wind swirled around me,
Whispering secrets,
As unknown as the depths of the sea,
I couldn’t fathom much,
Though I remained wrapped in its loving touch…
Beloved Lord,
Will I ever know,
That through everything around me,
It’s You expressing a fond hello…?
Of each minute atom,
You form the core…

All weariness slipped away,
As I stood still,
Being embraced by each ray,
Of the Sun,
Enhancing the moment,
With cosmic energy finely spun…
My sweet Mother Sai,
In the caress of every celestial beam,
The Sun, Moon or the Stars,
Will I ever know,
It’s You reaching out to me…evermore…?

Will I ever know,
How much You do me love?
Will I ever know Your love,
Makes me rise above?
You never say,
“Ask no more…for I have given you enough…”
Darling Mother,
Will I ever know, value and cherish Your precious love…?

Will I ever know the serenity of Your patience?
Will I ever know how to gauge,
The depths of Your silence?
Will I ever know the soothing calm of Your Will?
That Your delays are never Your denials,
Will I ever know,
That for me all that You do,
Even as I face myriad trials,
May not seem ‘good’,
May even seem a trifle ‘unfair’ at that time,
But as life does unfold,
I survive the grime,
Your voice, Your words,
A wondrous echo, an enchanting chime,
You prompt me to learn truths sublime,
More adept,
More certain,
More focused I do get,
With a finer understanding,
As I pave my way out of the illusory net,
Paying off many a karmic debt…

When will I ever know that the Sathya of Sai,
Is –
The grandest of the grand,
The noblest of the noble,
The purest of the pure,
Subtler than all things subtle in the etheric sky…?
When will I ever know,

Infinitely invincible, immeasurably vast and potent,
Is this Sathya Of Sai…

Even as the rays of the sun,
Having journeyed through the Universe,
With cosmic energy,
Does me caress each morn,
Even as the wind swirls,
And encircles me each dawn,
Whispering secrets known to the elements five,
Of Golden Times, yet to be born,
My soul responds,
With an uncanny feeling,
The spirit soars high –
Yes, I do not know how,
Je ne sais quoi –
I do not know what,
I do not know why,
But I know…I will soon know the Sathya Of Sai…

I will know most certainly,
With time as a close comrade,
As a trusted ally,
Forthwith will I know,

The Sathya of Sai…
I will soon know,
His delays are not His denials,
For He will end all kinds of trials…

I will know for sure,
Even as I do endure,
That the Beloved One’s love,
Does me unceasingly envelope,
For, from the onset of creation,
We have each other known;
As I grow in patience as His very own,
The Lord’s silence beams an eloquent sigh,
The symphony has begun,
It has as yet to reach its crescendo,
Yet to unveil the Truth of Sai,
Meanwhile –

His prolific proclamations do stir, stimulate and comply…

If we but grasp the treasures,
That do His words underlie,
Will I ever know?
Will I ever know?
Transforms into –
With His grace,
I will know, I will know,
Through His Will,
By the dint of His word,
As a consequence of the power,
The colossally infinite potency of the declarations,
That our Beloved Lord did utter and sigh,
We will soon know the Sathya of Sai…
To us all will be revealed –
The actual, the factual, the all encompassing –
Sathya Of Sai…
Hold your breath, dear ones,
Await eagerly for Him to affirm, acquiesce and assert an ‘Aye, Aye’,

Soon…we will all know our Sathya Sai…


About For Beloved Mother Sai

Breathing Beloved Every Single Moment Of Living!!! Tum Shwaas Ho!...Tum Pass Ho!!...Tum Vishwaas Ho!!!
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